Seems that USB Network Gate for Windows is slower in Version 7 as before(Read 9058 times)

I recently upgraded USB Network Gate from version 6 to 7. A license dongle is served from windows to windows. It seems that with version 7 sometimes it takens many seconds (up to a minute) until the dongle is recogized by the applations which check for the licence. I never experienced this with version 6.
I tried to downgrade to version 6 but I only get version 7 from your website when I press the download button near label "Build: 6.2.680 - Download". Could you please make the version 6 available again.



Thanks for providing the version 6 for testing (got via private email).

I can state that version 6 is (at least in my setup) generally faster serving my licence key from the USB donge than version 7.

BUT: Version 6 produces at lot of kernel load which makes my machine much slower. Version 7 does not.
I now am back to Version 7 taken the disadvante of slower serving the licence compared to a faster machine.

I am using Windows 10 running in a virtual machine (Parallels 11) on an iMac with OS X 10.11.1 (ElCapitan).
I do not know if really USB Network Gate is the actual software causing the problems or OS 10.11. I heard rumours that OS X 10.11 has USB problems. Apple is known to make things worse by updates.

I am using the most up-to-date date software combination (NWGate, OSX, P11) and is it not working well together.




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