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As many of you already know, with the next macOS update to 10.14, all the 32-bit apps will no longer be supported. In other words, every app you have installed on your Mac and it is not a 64-bit one, won’t be available anymore. There’s no need to panic, you still have some months until the update will be deployed and until then, you need to make sure that all your apps are 64-bit. And what better way to start updating your apps than with the one that enables you to download more content online? More specifically, a 64 bit torrent client? Many of you are already using Folx 5 as your preferred bittorrent 64-bits app, however, for those that didn’t got the chance to do so, we’re going to present some of the features Folx 5 brings.

Download Bittorent 64 Bit - Folx 5

If you want to go through the macOS update and make sure your torrent client will still be operational, you definitely need to download the bittorent 64 bits client, Folx 5. This is an excellent torrent downloader for Mac users that makes downloading torrents as well as creating new torrents, an extremely easy task.

Download Bittorent 64 Bit with Folx

Quickly Search for Your Favorite Torrents

With Folx 5 torrent downloader you get a very powerful search tool that saves you a lot of time by not having to visit multiple torrent sites to browse for your desired content. Right within the app, without having to use your browser, you can search a multitude trackers to find the content you are looking for. This unique feature makes it a lot easier and time-consuming to identify the desired content and download it on your Mac computer.

Powerful Torrent Client 64-bit

Besides the very useful search function, Folx comes with a very convenient way to organize the torrent files you’re downloading. You can choose to prioritize certain download tasks, regulate the upload and download speeds to make sure you’re not suffocating the bandwidth and even tag the torrent files for quick search within the already downloaded content. If this already sounds like the best torrent client, just wait to learn what else Folx 5 can offer!

Use Magnet Links with the Best 64-bit torrent Client

Since it aims to provide the best quality in terms of finding, downloading and organizing torrent files, Folx also allows you to download content via magnet links. This method is more and more popular since it makes bittorent files sharing easier and faster. A magnet link allows you to be more discrete about using P2P technology.

Go Pro and Get the Maximum out of Folx 5

For the best torrenting experience check out Folx 5 Pro! You will get all the features presented above plus a whole set of options and features that makes everything a lot easier and user-friendly.

Schedule Downloads

With Folx 5, you will be able to set the download time and date as convenient for you. Even more than that, when the download is finished you can tell the app what to do: shut down, enter sleep mode or exit Folx.

Add videos and music automatically to Apple Music

Folx BitTorrent 64 Mac client adds the downloaded music and videos automatically to Music (former iTunes) in playlists named by the tags you previously assign to the downloaded content.

Save Passwords and Logins

Folx can remember the login and password for different sites that require authentication for download. So, the next time you want to download from a certain website, you won’t have to enter the username and password manually. Folx will store the password for any FTP or HTTP website and automatically login.

Download Video from YouTube

Once again, Folx proves it is the best torrent client on the market by allowing you to download videos and music directly from YouTube. In just a few clicks you can have the MP3 file or video of any kind of YouTube content using Folx 5.

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