How to transfer files to the Acer smartphone

Acer is a multinational company that has occupied not only the market of personal computers and tablets but also a market of storage devices, televisions, as well as smartphones. So if you are an owner of Acer Android phone or even Acer Android tablet, but also have Mac computer then you are definitely aware of the problem of how to transfer files from Android to Mac. There is a common misbelief that this couple does not work together and that Mac only interacts with devices running iOS, but it is not true.

Nowadays, users have a lot of opportunities for transferring files, folders, images, music and much more from Acer phone to PCs running Mac OS, MacBooks, and even iPhones. There are many third-party applications for this purpose. In the article below you will find solutions that would help you to make Android transfer as simple as it can be.

Two solutions how to connect Android to Mac

All you really need if you want to connect Android to computer running macOS is the access to the Internet on your computer in order to download a program directly from Google. Nothing weird, nothing difficult, just a simple program that allows you to drag and drop files from Acer Android phone to a Mac PC that is called Android File Transfer. Use the USB cable and see how easily Acer file transfer can be done.

Android File Transfer app

If you want to find an alternative to Android File Transfer, take Commander One. It is an excellent Android file manager Mac solution that can help you to access all the information on your phone from Mac. With its help, you can mount your Acer smartphone as an additional drive and browse through the content as well as manage it.

Acer file transfer

Apart from this feature, Commander One also can offer you a great number of other useful features, as mounting other MTP devices, remote servers via FTP/ FTPS/ SFTP protocols and cloud storages, queuing file operations, working with archives, using advanced search, setting up hotkeys for the actions, and much more.

Commander One can become your favorite choice when talking about connecting Android to Mac. Give it a try and enjoy how simple it can be.

Commander One

Requirements: MacOS 10.10+ , 37.59MB free space
Version 2.4.1(3173) (13th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: Utilities