What you should know about Amazon Cloud Drive

For many Amazon is associated with e-commerce, and indeed the company is one of the largest players on the market in the US. But it is also plays an important role as a cloud computing service, in fact you’d be surprised but Amazon S3 servers rent out space to other cloud services. Amazon Cloud Drive is a consumer-level cloud storage service, and here we will talk about it in details – what is Amazon Cloud Drive, how to use Amazon Cloud Drive, etc. We’ll have a closer look at the ease of use and value it provides from the point of view of an individual and families – small and large. We’ll also check technical characteristics such as the speeds of downloading and uploading data from/ to the cloud.

Amazon Cloud Driver

Cloud Drive Amazon is among the leaders from the monetary perspective – unlimited storage for all devices is available to you for less than 60 USD a year. If one’s family owns at least five devices, the yearly cost is about 12 USD per computer; for three devices the cost increases to 20 USD per computer.

At 38.5 Mb/min the average upload speed for Amazon Cloud Drive is not outstanding, yet decent. The download speed is around 325 Mb/min, which is very high compared to other services. Thus it might take a while to send your files and folders to the cloud, getting it back however happens much faster.

Amazon Cloud Drive desktop app is relatively easy-to-use, navigation and UI are rather intuitive. Download and upload processes done with the help of Amazon for Mac consist of no more than 3-4 steps.

Now, here’s the weakest point of Amazon Cloud Drive – security.

We are happy with two-step verification required for login and Amazon Cloud Drive encryption provided for file transfer. However, once your files reach the servers, they aren’t encrypted anymore. Also, the service maintains they have the rights to access, copy, modify and organize your files. Not sure how many users are really comfortable with it.

Mac cloud manager for Amazon Cloud Drive

We often receive queries regarding Amazon Cloud Drive support by CloudMounter. This Mac application, as you might know, works as a single access point to data stored on a number of online storage services. For you to be able to mount Amazon Cloud Drive on Mac, we need to get Amazon’s permission to add the service to the list of supported clouds. Thus we’d like to request you to contact Amazon Support Service directly with the same request. The more users’ feedback they receive the more likelier they allow us integrate Amazon Cloud Drive for Mac into CloudMounter.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
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