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4.5 Rank based on 58+ users, Reviews(24)
29 Jan at 11:23
Instagram gain a huge popularity among people. Nowadays we can’t imagine our daily life without sharing our moments through this social platform with our friends, family and followers. However, to post to Instagram, you have to use the official Instagram mobile app. But if for instance, you have a photo on your Mac and you want to upload from Mac to Instagram, what should you do? Transfer photos to your phone and after that upload them to your account? Well, it doesn't sound attractive, does it?

So, how to upload images to Instagram from Mac? The answer is simple. In order to upload to Instagram from desktop Mac all you need is to have a decent Instagram uploader.

Top 5 Instagram uploaders that make your Instagram experience easier


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Requirements: OS X 10.10+, 16.15MB free space. Version 1.5.214. (13th Dec, 2018). 4.5 Rank based on 58+ users, Reviews(24)
With Uplet bulk uploading to Instagram from Mac won’t take much time. Simply grad and drop your selected photos or videos to Uplet and share them with your friends just with one click. Uplet allows you to upload photos on Instagram from Mac in their full size and provide each photo with a unique caption, emojis and hashtags. This minimalistic app also supports multi-accounts that can be rather handy for Instagram fans.
Flume is another app that allows to upload photos on Instagram from Mac. This solution has a lot to offer to its users and with its help you can upload on Instagram from Mac not only your photos or videos, but also tag locations and captions. Like Uplet it supports multiple Instagram accounts and can appeal to Instagram admirers.
When using Gramblr you can effortlessly upload image to Instagram from Mac. Like the mentioned above apps, Gramblr also supports video uploading. The app offers you a bunch of features that make your uploading easier and fast. Thanks to different filters you can make your images look fantastic and it won’t take much time.
Also, take a look at such Web service as With its help you can not only upload photos on Instagram from Mac, but also videos. Simple customize your upload, schedule the time and will take care of everything else.
However, as it is known, every man has its own taste. So choose the most appealing to you and have fun with Instagram uploading from Mac computer.

Uplet for Mac

Fully compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later. Requires 16.15MB free space, latest version 1.5.214. Released 13th Dec, 2018.

4.5 rank based on 58+ users , Reviews (24)
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