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How many times have you faced the issue when you needed to open RAR files on Mac, but have failed? And let’s not taking into consideration even more rare or exotic formats. As we all know, when it comes to archives, the built-in Mac app Archiver Utility gives the pass to the third party applications. Though this app performs a decent job dealing with ZIP files.

If you have ever rack your brain figuring out how to open RAR files and what is the best RAR opener for Mac this article would be of great help. Below we have gathered top 5 apps that can help you with opening RAR files and make this process fast and effortlessly.

Top 10 RAR archivers for Mac users

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+, 19.75MB free space. Version 1.7.4(2445). (21st Sep, 2017). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(15)
The first on our list of RAR archivers for Mac users is Commander One. With its help you can easily extract not only RAR files, but also a large number of other formats. The app can be rather handy, because it allows searching across archives without extracting the content as well as copying and moving files from one archive to another and even deleting files and creating new folders within the one archive.

The Unarchiver

Another solution that can help you to open RAR files is The Unarchiver. The app is very simple to use and supports a bunch of popular formats (more than 30 types), including some old Amiga files as well as disk archives. The Unarchiver allows you to open archives, regardless of the program they were compressed with, as well as the amount and type of the applied encoding. It will be interested for those users who often have to work with archives, but only in one direction - exclusively for viewing and extracting packed files to a computer.


Next app that can make your life easier if you need to open RAR files is Keka. Rather simple, fast and can boast the big list of extract formats, including .ar, .zip, .7zip, .iso, .exe, .cab and many others. Besides that, you can pack data in ZIP, TAR and variations of these formats. Large files can be split into pieces, which will make it much easier to use and, for example, upload to the Internet. Keka has not so much settings, but they all are really needed. You can specify the only way to save all the extracted data, select the acceptable degree of file compression for the package, assign it as the archiver by default, and establish associations with the file formats.


BetterZip is one more powerful RAR opener that provides many other useful options like viewing, modifying, removing files directly from the archive without unzipping it. BetterZip makes it easier to extract only selected files without extracting the whole content of the archive. Like any advanced archiver, BetterZip can encrypt compressed data and split large files into fragments.


Another super fast RAR opener is iZip. Simply drag and drop the selected archive into the app’s interface and that’s it! Compress, decompress, share your files/folders without any effort. Like mentioned above solutions, iZip also supports a wide range of archive formats. A rather powerful program that can handle archives without unpacking them. Archives will be visible in the Finder as a removable vaults.


This is a free "unzipper" that will allow you to easily open rar files or other archives and place their content in any place convenient for you. The app looks like a widget that can be freely moved around the desktop. To extract data from the archive, it's enough to move it to the widget. The app does not have special requirements for encoding the names of the archives themselves or files contained in the archives; it works equally well with both Latin and Cyrillic. In addition, StuffIt supports password-protected archives.


It is worth mentioning a graphical user interface for the unrar utility, that allows you to work with archives in a convenient window. UnRarX has drag and drop support. The user can unpack, create, and also restore damaged archives. Unlike the other popular RAR archivers for Mac, this program can quickly process a whole group of archives, up to several hundred files, regardless of their size.


iPackr stands out for an incredibly large number of supported formats and a great interface. Besides being a great RAR opener, it is worth noting, that the app allows you to open even files with extensions such as .iso and even .cab. Also, it is rather convenient that the app supports the feature allowing you, if necessary, to preview the contents of the archives, which is implemented through the side menu. iPackr allows you to create 7-Zip and simply Zip files, and by the way, you can also create self-extracting archives.


If you still have not decided how to open RAR files, take a look at Springy. It is a user-friendly and elegant app with a flawless finder integration that supports the most widely used types of archives, including . сbz and .cbr. Browse through the content of the archives without extracting the material. All the tasks can be simply fulfilled thanks to the drag and drop feature. In addition, if it is needed, you can change the content of the archive with a snap of the finger.


Next on our list of “Best RAR archivers for Mac” is Zipeg. It is a free and very simple app intended only for unpacking archives, including password protected. Zipeg supports all the most popular formats, background processing of archives, automatic program launch when opening any compressed file and auto-tuning the extraction path of the archive contents. The maximum size of archives with which the program is able to work is not limited. Zipeg can be a good solution as long as you do not need to create archives.

Now, knowing all this information, you won’t struggle with the question “How to open RAR files on Mac”. Choose your favorite RAR extractor and watch how seamlessly it will do its job.

Commander One for Mac

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 19.75MB free space, latest version 1.7.4(2445). Released 21st Sep, 2017.

4.5 rank based on 89+ users , Reviews (15)
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