Best apps to sync Mac with Android in 2019

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1 Aug at 17:35

Initially Mac and Android devices were not created to work together. However many people are using this exact combination of devices in their everyday life and that's where the issue of finding the best software to sync Mac with Android becomes
so vital.

As you perhaps already know there are no native ways to sync Mac computers with Android devices. Well, technically there is the Android File Transfer utility, but this tool lacks functionality and hasn't been updated since 2012. In this article we'll talk about the software to sync Mac with Android devices that may not be a native software developed by Apple or Google, but does a good job.

1. SyncMate for Mac and Android devices

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Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+, 50.74MB free space. Version 7.3.434. (28th Jan, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 358+ users, Reviews(956)

SyncMate comes first in this article as it offers real sync options rather than just file transfer and backup and also has a range of non-sync tools that are also
pretty helpful.

SyncMate offers synchronization of contacts and calendar entries, as well as playlists, music files, folders, bookmarks, etc.

The options that won't sync but are equally demanded are: mounting Android device as a Mac disk, managing SMS messages on Mac as well as call history. Give free version of SyncMate a try.

2. TunesGO for Mac

TunesGO is quite a power app for any media file transfer between Mac and Android. Thanks to this app one can install, uninstall, import or backup Android apps in batches. Also it offers contact management, media files backup, and works with text messages.

The disadvantage of this solution is that it doesn't really sync files, it rather transmits them from device to device. Also there is no way to sync contacts and calendars.

3. doubleTwist for Mac and Android devices

Another good app for managing and syncing of media files between Mac and Android is doubleTwist. The doubleTwist app has an Android client that should keep media files well organized and sync and backup this data.

doubleTwist offers a clean and neat interface and is pleasant to work with. Unfortunately the only type of data it can sync is media. When you need to sync contacts, calendars, files or manage Android folders on Mac you'll have to look for a different app.

4. Android File Transfer for Mac and Android devices

The mentioned above Android File Transfer is created by Google, what could be a better fit, right? However despite the fact that it is free, it hasn't been updated for years, and cannot sync personal data like calendars and contacts. Also it can only transfer one file at a time. Interface of this tool is also a miss.

5. Dukto R6 for Mac and Android

This utility is single streamed, it will only transfer files and nothing else. It supports multiple OS types though: Windows, Mac, Android and Symbian.

6. Droid NAS for Android and Mac

This small transfer tool with simple and intuitive interface offers mounting of Android device to your Mac. It works with the following Android folders: SD card, Camera, Downloads, Music, Photos. Additionally to not really syncing content but transferring it, Droid NAS doesn't support contacts and calendars.

7. Cloud services for Mac and Android devices

Another way to sync or transfer files between Mac and Android is using cloud storages. It is not the most straight way to do so and will require an extra step from you, but can do in some situations.

Dropbox is a rather popular storage service that offers enough cloud space for free and stores your files and folders for easy access from anywhere. Upload your files to your Dropbox account and later download them to your Android device or Mac computer. One of the Dropbox advantages is the ability to share your data with other people that may even not have a Dropbox account. Unfortunately there is no way to sync calendars and contacts through Dropbox, you can only create backup files.

Another cloud service is SugarSync. It offers basic transfer possibilities and allows sharing the data you have in your SugarSync account. Also quite convenient is the possibility to remove all synced files from your Mac in the event of its loss. This service also doesn't work with personal data (calendars and contacts).

Probably the most efficient in terms of syncing will be Google Drive service. Additionally to offering file upload it works with contacts and calendars.

Thank you for reading! We hope you'll find the software to sync Mac with Android that works the best for you.

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