PhotoBulk converts BMP images to GIF on Mac

If you ever worked with digital images – edited them using a standalone or web application or uploaded them online – you would know that digital image formats are many. If you are not sure what format to use when it comes to displaying, storing or printing your images, this article is for you. It is also for those who would like to know about ways to convert images from one format to another.

Here we will tell you about two popular formats – BMP and GIF, and how to convert BMP to GIF, GIF to BMP. Mac owners will be happy to know that there is a very good image converter for Mac, or rather a bulk image converter, Mac application.

Okay, let us start with formats. BMP (Bitmap) is one of the oldest digital image formats used internally in the MS Windows OS to handle graphics. These files are typically not compressed; hence, they are of rather large size. BMP is advisable to store 2-color (monochrome) images in the 16-color RLE compressed mode, this makes files a bit smaller.

In general, we often hear that it is recommended to use BMP where it is particularly required. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is limited to 256 colors, making it suitable for graphic with relatively few colors such as simple diagrams, logos and simple images. It is best known for the animation support, you might have noticed that most animations online are in GIF format. Lossless compression employed by GIF proves effective when large areas are in a single color, it might not work well though for images with a large number of details.

Now you understand why there is often a need to convert a BMP image into a GIF format or the other way round – each of these formats is designed for a different purpose.

What way to convert GIF to BMP Mac users would prefer?

With the help of a good-quality graphic converter for Mac, of course – PhotoBulk is a batch image converter Mac owners would certainly appreciate. What does Mac batch image converter mean? It means it can convert BMP to GIF Mac way, that is with minimal effort and maximum outcome – hundreds of images can be processed in one go, you do not have to go through each of them individually.

Once you have downloaded, installed and launched this Mac image converter on your machine, all you have to do is to select images to Mac convert BMP to GIF and drag-and-drop them into the app’s window. Alternatively, you can open them in the app through a menu option. Now choose ‘Optimize’ option, specify you need to change BMP to GIF Mac and click ‘Start’. That’s pretty much all you have to do – in a few seconds your images in the new format should be ready for you to start working with. The actual processing time depends on the number of the images you have added, but it never takes long.

Apart from being your BMP to GIF converter Mac and GIF to BMP converter Mac, PhotoBulk has a lot of other image editing tools too.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 9.73MB free space
Version 2.1.246 (7th Feb, 2018) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication