Top 10 Digital Photography Tips

Only lazy do not take up photography today as a hobby these days. Photography equipment is very much affordable, we travel extensively and have more free time than we did a couple of decades ago. However taking good pictures is not easy, as it seems to be, you need to have at least basic knowledge of the photography rules. To make things easier, here we have summarized the most important photography techniques or rather photography tips.

Hope it will help you become a better photographer:

1. The rule of thirds

This is the most important of compositional rules of photo. Divide your frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically and make sure your main subjects are placed on the intersection points of these lines.

2. Move closer

It is always better to have your subject fill the frame, so keep checking if you can move closer or zoom in when taking a photo.

3. Understand shutter speed

Choose ‘Shutter Speed Priority’ mode and see how changing it affects your images. You’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes, especially with moving objects at night.

4. Understand aperture

‘Aperture Priority’ mode is what you need if you are focusing on the depth of field. A small aperture of f/16 or smaller will allow you to keep the foreground sharp.

5. Choose the right ISO

When it is dark, choose a higher ISO (400-3200), this will allow your camera to be more sensitive to light. If it is a bright sunny day, ISO 100 should be enough.

6. Keep it simple

It’s always better to focus on the main subject without being distracted by colorful patterns in the background. This is especially important if your model is not in the center.

7. Be careful with flash

Flash often looks unnatural, so experiment with other settings before using it – try to increase ISO, use the widest aperture possible and a tripod to avoid blurriness. If you have to use the flash, make sure your subjects are away from walls so there are no shadows behind them.

8. Use a polarizing filter

Apart from protecting your lens, polarizer helps you reduce reflections from water, metal or glass and enhance colors of the sky and foliage.

Be quick

Being quick pays off – your subject can move away, stop smiling or look away at any point of time. Do not worry about getting all the settings right and taking too many pictures.

Select only your best pictures

Do not bore your viewers with zillions of mediocre pictures, just because you could not decide which one is better. Be decisive and share the few best of the lot.

You’ll be amazed at how these simple tips for pictures change the quality of images. And the last, but not the least, make sure to use the batch image editor for Mac. There are many image editing software for Mac, and it is not easy to figure out which one would work best for you. For those who have to regularly work with a large number of pictures we would recommend PhotoBulk.

This Mac photo editing software allows optimizing, renaming and watermarking hundreds of images in one go. This is a batch image converter Mac owners would certainly appreciate.


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