SFTP & Encryption

SFTP is a subsystem of SSH protocol version 2 that provides file transfer protection, security and authentication. Data is sent from the server to client in the form of packets. Connection established with the help of SFTP contains two layers. Transport layer is responsible for the initial key exchange and server authentication. It also decides what file transfer encryption algorithm to use and whether the data transferred needs to be compressed. Integrity verification is also done at this level. Authentication layer, as its name suggests, takes care of client authentication – password, public-key cryptography, etc. – for the purpose of data security.

Now, when it comes to cloud encryption solutions and SFTP you need to consider so-called encryption algorithm for file transfers and public key authentication. Read on to find out more.

The encryption algorithm is used for encrypting data packets when they are sent and decrypting them when they are received. Such algorithms are many and you should choose one depending on how strong you would want your encryption to be and how fast you would like to do the encryption and decryption. In certain cases you might need to consider business requirements too.

Public key authentication is actually related to public-private key pair. The former belongs to the server and used for encrypting data, the latter is kept by the user and it is required for decrypting data. The private key is crucial for data protection and access, thus it is important to keep it safe.

How do you connect to remote servers via SFTP?

There is special cloud encryption software that allows you to do it. CloudMounter by Eltima has a built-in SFTP client for Mac and it enables mounting an SFTP server on your computer, so you can access and manage data stored there via Finder as if it were on a local drive. All file management operations such as creating, viewing, modifying, deleting, uploading and downloading files are possible with this SFTP Mac client. CloudMounter enables you to mount as many SFTP servers as required.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
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