Download Videos Fast on macOS with the Best Fast Video Downloader

Olga Weis

Videos are so informative, be it for pleasure or for work. We can watch movies, HD extreme sports, music videos, and more. If you are one of those people who want high-quality 4K/8K videos, downloading them might be quite an issue, as those files are huge. Files like these will definitely slow down the analyzing and downloading speed.

A reliable best fast video downloader for Mac is a must to download HD videos from YouTube and other websites. We have to give Elmedia Player PRO a lot of credit - it really provides a fast download of videos on Mac.

This app can download videos like MP4, AVI, 4K, 1080P, 8K videos from YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion and way more!

Why we think Elmedia Player is the best fast video downloader for Mac:

  • The unique ways to save time with mind-blowing downloading speed.

    This player consumes the minimum CPU resources, uses the minimal amount of memory, thus unloading computer processor and avoiding Internet connection slowdown. It is logical that the downloading speed will still depend on the file size and the quality of your Internet connection, but the app just gets the best possible out of them. Additionally you can download multiple videos at a time in Elmedia.

  • Very easy to use

    Go to Browser mode, browse for the video you'd like to save, choose your preferred format of file, and click Download. In case of files embedded to other websites, you'll be able to see the download link without actually opening the video where it originally is hosted. Also multiple types of subtitles are supported and they will be downloaded with the video. If downloading from YouTube you can save the whole playlist in a desired format at once.

  • Fast and trusted installation.

    No malware, spyware, plug-ins, ads - this fastest video downloader for Mac is an open book for you, that is easy to read BTW.

Download videos faster on Mac with Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player PRO offers fast download of videos on Mac that supports multiple video hosting websites including the ever popular YouTube.

Follow these easy fast download steps:

  1. Download, install and open free Elmedia Player on your Mac.
  2. Upgrade it to PRO version - you can get the activation code from Elmedia official website.
  3. Switch the player to 'browser' mode by clicking Window → Browser in its main menu.
  4. Paste the link to the video and press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Select the needed file name in the list and click Download. Don't forget you can choose the desired resolution and file type.
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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 53.6MB free space
Version 7.1(1650) (20th Jan, 2019) Release notes
Category: Video