Best Firefox Add-ons to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

There's no denying that a browser add-on is one of the easiest ways to save media content from YouTube nowadays. Apart from providing the wonderful opportunity to download YouTube movies, this kind of third-party tools allow users to convert files to various formats such as MP4, WebM, 3GP, MP3, and M4A. Let's now take a closer look at some most popular solutions which will perfectly fit with your
Firefox browser.

Airy is no doubt the best tool to meet all your video downloading needs.

Airy is a great Firefox YouTube Downloader which makes saving video files from YouTube quick and easy. You will definitely appreciate the app’s ability to download a complete video playlist with nothing more than a couple of clicks. Above that, Airy will let you extract original MP3 and MP4 files from your favorite YouTube videos. The software powerful capabilities also include:

  • ★ Selecting the preferred video or audio format YouTube playlists will be
    saved in;
  • ★ Downloading a whole YouTube channel;
  • ★ Saving private YouTube videos;
  • ★ Pausing and resuming downloads;
  • ★ Full support of HD and Ultra HD resolutions.

Saving YouTube movies with Airy is easy enough:

  1. You go to the app’s main menu and select “Integrate into Browser”;
  2. Put the link you get in your browser’s bookmarks bar;
  3. Click the Airy bookmark to save the required video from YouTube;
  4. Finally, choose the preferred file format and click “Download”.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express is a popular Firefox add-on supporting a broad variety of formats such as FLV, MP4 (both Full HD 720p and 1080p), 3GP, WebM, MP3, and more. With this Firefox YouTube download add-on, you’ll be able to save videos as high quality MP3 192kbps files.

1-Click YouTube Video Downloader

To save a video file with a simple Firefox extension,1-Click YouTube Video Downloader, you’ll need either to select the desired format and click on it or click on the arrow provided next to the format and save the file using any download manager you have at your disposal. In common with the previous add-on, this handy Firefox YouTube download plugin also supports WebM, MP4 (720p HD), FLV, and 3GP.

Video DownloadHelper

A large army of users that Video DownloadHelper enjoys today makes this YouTube video downloader add-on for Firefox one of the most commonly used browser extensions. Its primary advantage is the ability to save content not just from YouTube but from such popular sites as DailyMotion, MySpace, Porkolt, Dreamhost, Google Videos, and a lot more. In addition, it provides numerous convert options available for iPod, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, and many other useful devices.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader, another convenient Firefox add-on, is great for saving videos containing subtitles. Thanks to a JavaScript library it offers, you can enjoy having audio files easily extracted from your FLV videos.

YouTube Center

By using a browser extension YouTube Center, you can improve YouTube performance so that downloading desired videos from the platform will become much more comfortable. The add-on lets you do things like eliminating annoying ads, adjusting video quality automatically, repeating video, and many more.


Requirements: OS X 10.9++ , 14.87MB free space
Version 3.9.218 (14th Jul, 2019) Release notes
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