How to copy files to the Google Pixel phone

Olga Weis

Google is finally making phones – and good ones, we must say – we are talking about Google Pixel phone and its bigger brother Pixel XL. Ever since these phone were introduced, they are branded as ‘high-end Android phones for those who are looking for alternatives to Samsung and iPhones’. The advantages offered by Pixel phone by Google are plenty – the processor performance, storage options, new split-screen mode, notification tacking, battery life, etc. – and it is no wonder that a lot of iOS fans decided to give it a try. However majority of them aren’t really sure how to do Google Pixel transfer, i.e. what does one have to do to make a Pixel phone talk to their macOS. How to connect Android to Mac? Well, do not worry – it is doable and it is not as difficult as it seems to be.

Let us have a closer look at a couple of ways to do it

One of them is using Android File Transfer for Mac. This application as its name suggests enables transferring files to/ from a device that runs Android OS. Download and install the app, connect your phone to Mac. Now once you launch the app, it becomes an Android file manager app – the contents of the connected phone are displayed there. Locate a folder with required files and drag-and-drop files to your Mac.

iTunes is handy if you need to put music on Google Pixel – connect the phone to Mac, find relevant music folders in iTunes directory and drag them over to your Pixel phone.

Also, there is Commander One, a third party solution that can work as a Google Pixel file manager. This Android file transfer alternative enables copying and moving files from Pixel phone to Mac and the other way round. Here is how you do it – download the application on your Mac, install and launch it, now connect your phone to Mac using a USB cable. The contents of the phone will be displayed in one of the panes in the app’s window – it features a convenient dual pane interface. Now all you have to do is to drag-and-drop files from one location to another - as easy as it gets.

The good thing about Commander One is that apart from allowing you to access Android from Mac, it does a lot of other things. Essentially a file management solution it enables you to work with archived data, locate computers and devices in the network, search files and folders, mount cloud storage services and much more.

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Commander One

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 1.7.4(2445) (21st Sep, 2017) Release notes
Category: System Utilities