Instagram Tips for Photographers

Instagram has grown so much that it is now more than just a social networking site. If you are a photographer – amateur or professional – or aspire to become one, Instagram provides a wonderful platform for developing your skills and getting new ideas for your photo projects. You get to learn a lot about photography here. In this article we have gathered some tips and tricks on how you can do it.

Get Instagram followers among photographers

We all know that the best way to increase Instagram followers is to use hashtags. Now, since we are talking about not just any followers, but those who are knowledgeable about photography, do a bit of research – or take a wild guess – what hashtags they might be interested in. To start with, you can let others know what type of camera you use to take pictures – #nikon, #iPhone5, etc. This increases your chances of being noticed by those who like to experiment with the same cameras and devices. Popular hashtags such as #picoftheday, #photooftheday will also help you get more exposure to your work.

Join Instagram communities

This is how you can get in touch with like-minded people so you can discuss common topics. Many of them will share your pictures if they are related to the stuff they are interested in. The way it works is pretty simple: start with searching for relevant topics – ‘sunset’, ‘coffee and cigarettes’, ‘blue butterflies’, ‘history of Tibet’, etc. You are bound to find a person or page where pictures with a specific hashtag are shared, so next time you post an image, make sure to use that hashtag and tag the person or page. Don’t forget to like their posts and engage in conversations.

Participate in contests

There must be hundreds of contests run on Instagram every single day – you have plenty to choose from. Participating in them, apart from being fun, helps you get more Instagram followers or at least generate more Instagram likes. It also helps you identify subjects you are interested in, so instead of taking pictures of pretty much everything on the way to office, you would rather click portraits of regular customers at your favorite coffeeshop.

Use 3D touch

This tip is for those who own iPhone 6s or later versions of the device: instead of loading each image individually, you can hard-press on your timeline to view pictures. Use 3D Touch on the app icon to upload photos to Instagram or view your feed.

Use other cameras

In the very beginning you could only upload pictures from your mobile phone, but not anymore – Instagram is now full of pictures taken with DLSRs and other cameras. How to upload to Instagram pictures from other devices? There are various ways to do it, including a special Instagram photo uploader. Uplet is not only the application that allows uploading to Instagram from Mac directly, but it also also works as a bulk Instagram uploader for Mac, i.e. you can post multiple images in one go. This saves you tons of time and effort in a longer run.

That’s it – now you know how to boost Instagram follower and upload Instagram from Mac. All you have to do now is to click beautiful pictures, post them online using a good Instagram uploader, get feedback and work on honing your photography skills.


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