iPhone Photography Tips from PhotoBulk

You might remember the times when getting you a decent picture meant tagging along a massive camera with lenses. Those days are over, now all you need is your iPhone. It is easy-to-use, but learning a couple of tricks is certainly worth it – you’ll be surprised how drastically your iPhone photography can improve.

Here we will share our favorite iPhone photography tips:

  1. Use a shortcut to camera.

    More often than not, taking a good picture requires you to be fast. Figure out the fastest way to access your camera – swipe up on Lock screen or tap the camera icon in Control Center.

  2. Choose the right shooting mode.

    If you plan to post picture on Instagram, choose the square mode; if you need an image for your Facebook cover photo, panorama might be a better option.

  3. Preserve Settings.

    If you have a favorite shooting mode, enable Preserve Settings and you won’t have to choose it again on launching the app.

  4. Don’t use flash.

    In general it is much better to shoot using natural lighting. However you have to be more careful with your phone – seen a weird hue on some iPhone photos? The flash is just not powerful enough – you are better off without it.

  5. Capture action in Burst mode.

    If you are taking pictures of moving objects or you are moving yourself, Burst mode increases your chances of getting a clear picture. Tap and hold the shutter button – a counter at the bottom shows how many pictures you have taken.

  6. Lock focus.

    Tap and hold on your subject – make sure that the yellow AE/AF lock is displayed. To remove the lock, tap anywhere else in the frame.

  7. Adjust exposure.

    Next to the focus square there is a yellow slider. This helps you darken – slide downward – or brighten – slide upward – your subject.

  8. Use the volume button to take pictures.

    If the digital shutter button is difficult to reach or tapping it might cause camera shake, use the volume button instead.

  9. Use wired earbuds.

    If you are wearing wired Apple earbuds, open the Camera app and click the volume button on the earbuds to click a picture.

  10. Rely on the Grid.

    This helps you compose your pictures better and get all your lines straight – go to Camera Settings and enable Grid.

With all these photo tips for iPhone you’ll certainly make tons of stunning pictures. Now you’ll need a piece of reliable software to transfer them to Mac – Commander One. Essentially a file management solution, it helps you move your images and videos to Mac in the easiest way. Now, what about photo editing programs for Mac? What would be the best photo editor Mac owners could use? There are a lot of picture editors for Mac, but if you take a lot of pictures, we recommend using PhotoBulk. This bulk image editor for Mac allows processing hundreds of pictures in one go, e.g. you can create a watermark and add it to all your pictures at once – a good idea if you are into online sharing. This mac OS photo editor also enables renaming pictures in batches, thus helping you organize them in a better way, and you can resize and optimize your images with minimal effort.

Keep our photography tips for iPhone in mind – and happy clicking!


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 9.73MB free space
Version 2.1.246 (7th Feb, 2018) Release notes
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