Photography Tips for Social Media

When you are sharing content online, you are expecting it to get noticed and receive a lot of comments and likes, hence your shared content has to be of very good quality. Social media photography plays an important role here. It is known that people tend to respond to a photo post rather than to a plan text post, so we encourage you to invest some time and effort into learning about and making good social media photos. We will share some of our favorite photography tips and tricks that you might want to consider when taking photos for social media.


If your company has a good style guide, you do not have to think much about these things – just follow the guidelines. If not, figure it out yourself – your social content needs to be consistent and integrated with other imagery you use.


Yes, the same old rule of thirds. In the unlikely case you haven’t heard of it: mentally divide your frame into thirds, you’ll have two horizontal and two vertical lines, place your subject at one of the four intersections of these lines or to the left or right third of the image. The rule is applicable to social media photography – think cover photos on your Facebook profile page, but only to a certain extent. Your profile pics and logos are mostly square and there the subject has to be in the center, well exposed.


Experiment with angles – eye-level, from below, diagonally – to see how much of difference it makes. The same object might appear completely different depending on how you hold your camera.


White balance and ISO settings – make sure to well acquaint yourself with these things if you want your picture to be lit well. It’s not too complicated – the higher the ISO setting is, the more light you can capture. With white balance, match it to the shooting environment – most of the time ‘auto’ setting works, but manual setting can bring wonderful results, go ahead and experiment.


Most social media platforms allow viewing photos in full-screen mode, so it is important to take high-resolution pictures if you want them to look good on your Facebook page, for example.

Last, but not the least

You’ll need a good image-editing tool to process your pictures before posting them online. Considering the amount of pictures we usually have to work with it’s better be a bulk image editor that allows processing hundreds of images in one go. PhotoBulk is an excellent bulk image converter and bulk photo resizer for Windows and Mac, formats supported include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. It also does a good job as a bulk photo renamer and can bulk watermark images thus saving you lots of time and effort.

Go ahead, use our photography tips and techniques, they’ll surely help you take pictures everyone likes and remembers.


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