VPN WiFi security tips or how to stay safe on public WiFi

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Wherever you find yourself these days, almost every time you can connect to an open WiFi network and use its resources to browse the web. You can be at the restaurant, hotel, mall, even park and stay still connected to a WiFi network. However there is a great security risk in all these easily accessible public connections.

So is it safe to use public WiFi and how to stay safe on public WiFi? Well, we should say public WiFi security in most hotspots is simply non-existent. Illegal eavesdropping and data snooping are performed by criminals with the help of illegal software. However there are ways to have a safe WiFi connection even in public spots.

Use VPN on public WiFi networks

With Cargo VPN your Internet activity and communications are cloaked and constantly encrypted. This WiFi protection app detects when you are going on to an unsecure network and protects your IP address, passwords, billing address, credit card information, etc.

You can connect to a public hotspot and protect WiFi connection with the help of a VPN service, which helps creating layers of protection of your personal data from unwanted snoopers on the Internet.

Cargo VPN has its built-in DNS Firewall for protecting you from unwanted ads on the Internet, malicious websites, etc.

This solution is a good VPN client for Mac and is also available as a VPN for iOS solution for shielding you from unsafe public connections anywhere you go.

And there is another hint we would like to share that comes in handy once you are done using a public connection (with VPN of course). To protect WiFi from hacking it is better to disable WiFi connection when you are not using it at the moment.

It is really easy to do on macOS - simply click the WiFi icon in the menu bar in the top right corner and click Turn Wi-Fi Off. The longer you stay connected while not really using Wi-Fi, the more time it gives criminals to notice you're there and start snooping around.
Opt for the best VPN for WiFi security and try to use safe Wi-Fi networks in order to keep your private information protected.

Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for Mac OS 10.10+ , 8.8MB size
Version 1.2 (21st Aug, 2017) Release notes
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Cargo VPN

Requirements: Available for iOS 9.0+ , 63.9MB size
Version 1.0 (14th Aug, 2017) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication