What is social media marketing and
how to do it right

The term social media marketing is a vast one referring to the process of gaining attention through social media websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. While Twitter is a short message website, Facebook is a complete social platform with statuses, photos, groups, events, etc. Instagram is a visual platform for social activities, and so on.

So how are search marketing and social media related? Social media marketing is a real thing and is closely related to search engines. Social posts often contribute to new content that is discovered through search. With the help of social media content one can build links that support SEO projects. If using social media for marketing pay attention to social connections which may also affect search results in a search engine or inside a social network.

Social media marketing tools and tips

With time social networks became powerful sources of promotion for various businesses. Social media business efforts are astonishing and the outcome is impressive. Social platforms are free, however there are options to promote your product or brand for a fee.

If you decided to promote your business on a social network you should learn more about how the chosen network works and how it will help you market your business better.

Facebook is the largest and most versatile social network with its nearly 1.8 billion active users from all over the world. One can connect with not just friends and family, but also celebrities, organizations, businesses, etc.

Twitter lets you share short text posts (up to 280 characters), with videos, images, links, polls, etc. With about 320 million active users all over the world Twitter is a great way of marketing on social media and handling customer service.

On Pinterest users save and display stuff they like by "pinning" digital boards organized in categories. With Rich Pins feature brands can add product details or location to their pins, which helps shop Pinterest boards you like. This media platform is mostly used for DIY stuff, recipes, fashion, health, and alike, so if your business is in that area it is a good platform to promote it on.

Instagram is a visual social media platform with over 600 million active users. The beauty of Instagram is in its versatile photo and video editing possibilities. Although there is a web version of Instagram, the network is entirely mobile and doesn't provide possibility to post from computer. However there is a way to edit and post many photos to Instagram from your Mac. We'll talk about it closer to the end of this article.

YouTube is a video-sharing site with over a billion users. Users can create a channel, where they can post personal videos as well as business oriented videos promoting certain products and brands. Users can also make money from Google AdSense, depending on the number of views of their video.

If you have chosen Instagram as social media for business and are bummed by the fact that it is only available on mobile platform, you'll get a hang of the apps Uplet and PhotoBulk. Developed by the same developer company, they go really well if used together. If you run an online store you can watermark images and upload them in batch to Instagram. You can post multiple images at a time to your Instagram account from Mac and type captions with a full-fledged Mac keyboard. Just remember to stay interesting, on trend, and not to spam your followers with unexciting stuff. Your goal is to gain followers, not scare them away.

We are wishing you lots of success with social media marketing!


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