PhotoBulk converts images from TIFF to GIF on Mac

Nowadays everyone seems to be in visuals – editing pictures and creating basic graphic images does not seem to be such a big deal. Be warned though – without understanding at least the basics of digital images formats it is difficult to master the art of image manipulation. However, the formats are so many that it is not easy to understand how they are different or similar to each other and how to change the format of an image, if required. In this article we’ll talk about two popular formats – TIFF and GIF, and the way to change TIFF to GIF Mac owners usually use. This should get you going for now.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a GIF file usually would have .gif extension. TIFF is short for Tagged Image File Format, a TIFF image would have either TIF or TIFF extension. GIFF and TIFF are types of bitmap images.

GIF is usually not used for storing photographic images, as the format supports only 256 color palette. Compression employed by GIF is lossless that is to say that it retains the original resolution of an image. If you are working with small graphics like banners, charts and buttons, GIF is the best format you can use.

TIFF is a format equally popular among graphic artists and photographers, both amateur and professional. It is widely supported by applications used for image-editing, publishing, scanning, faxing, word processing, etc. TIFF too uses lossless data compression, images in this format can be as big as 4GB each. You can use tags, layers and transparency. In short, TIFF is for those who need to edit high-quality digital images, do note though that TIFF images are unlikely to be accepted if you try uploading them online – they are just too big.

So choose a format to work with depending on your present needs, and remember that you can convert an image from one format to another using a graphic converter for Mac. What image converter Mac owners would use? There are quite a few of them on the market, however if you have to work with large number of images often, we would recommend opting for a Mac batch image converter. With a bulk or batch image converter Mac users can process hundreds of images at a time, all it requires is a couple of clicks. PhotoBulk is a batch image converter Mac owners love to use, it is simple-to-use and powerful at the same time – check it for yourself.

For example, to convert TIFF to GIF Mac users have to:

  1. Download, install and launch this image converter for Mac.
  2. Choose images for conversion and drag-and-drop them into the app’s window.
  3. Click ‘Optimize’, then ‘Start’.

That’s it – the speed at which the Mac image converter will process your request depends on the number of your images, but it typically does not take more than several seconds to complete the operation.

The application enables you to Mac convert TIFF to GIF and vice versa, it also supports a wide range of other popular formats. Apart from being a TIFF to GIF converter Mac tool, PhotoBulk offers other handy features too – make sure to give it a try.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 9.73MB free space
Version 2.1.246 (7th Feb, 2018) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication