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SyncMate is the top notch Android Acer smartphone suite for Mac. You'll never need to worry about having your data on computer and smartphone up-to-date, because it totally will be! A couple of clicks and you are done!
No matter which Acer model you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x SyncMate will sync data on it with Mac and vice versa.

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AcerSync for Mac
Contacts and calendars from Android Acer to Mac

Contacts and calendars from Android Acer to Mac

Our AcerSync for Mac app syncs contacts and calendar events between computer and smartphone for free. SyncMate works directly with the corresponding apps so that the process is very secure and fast.

Sync media files as well as folders

SyncMate Expert is also available. This is a more advanced edition of AcerSync tool for Mac that for a small fee allows syncing music, images, playlists, as well as the folders containing many files. All processes are carried out through secure channels.

Sync Android Acer to Mac automatically

People love our Android Acer tool for Mac. It is obvious why - SyncMate can work quietly in the background every time you connect your Android Acer smartphone to Mac. You won't have to do a thing and still have all important data neatly updated on both sides.

Mount Android Acer as a Mac disk

Having Android device mapped to an Apple computer is a great convenience and our Android Acer smartphone tool for Mac makes it easy to do. By mounting your device on Mac you get to access its files from Finder app as if it was just another external drive.

More options for Android Acer users

Not only you get everything orderly updated, but also you can benefit with such options as: Android Acer backup on Mac; call history management and export to a file; sending and managing text messages on your Mac with its full-size keyboard.


With our advanced Android Acer suite for Mac you can enjoy perfect order of things with your important data up-to-date all the time everywhere. You can get a free edition of SyncMate and see how it works now!

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