Is there any Android BlackBerry suite for Mac?

BlackBerry phones also work on Android now, which makes them more mainstream, but also raises the question of synchronization with Mac. With the right Android Blackberry smartphone tool for Mac you'll easily get it done in a couple of clicks.
No matter which BlackBerry model you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x SyncMate will sync data on it with Mac and vice versa.

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Android BlackBerry suite for Mac
Sync Android BlackBerry contacts and calendars

Sync Android BlackBerry contacts and calendars

SyncMate excels as an Android BlackBerry smartphone suite for Mac - you'll get your contacts and calendars synced between BlackBerry and Mac for free. SyncMate carries out all processes directly with the corresponding apps without any clouds or intermediary apps.

Sync media files and folders

All your images, photos, music, videos, playlists, and even folders containing files, can be updated to every little data piece between Android BlackBerry and your computer. SyncMate does everything efficiently, quickly and thoroughly.

Automatic synchronization

Syncing Android Blackberry to Mac automatically is a great convenience. You can choose the most suitable settings and let SyncMate update all data respectively on both Mac and BlackBerry without you even thinking of it.

Mount Android BlackBerry as a disk

Apple doesn't provide you with an option of mounting Android devices as external drives so we added this option in SyncMate for you! Isn't it great to be able to access and browse your Android BlackBerry files from the Finder app?

Some awesome extras

Additionally to all synchronization possibilities you get with our Android BlackBerry suite for Mac, you'll also be able to text directly from your Mac, view and export call history to a file, and backup BlackBerry data on Mac.


With our advanced solution you can enjoy all data meticulously updated on Mac and BlackBerry with Android OS, while you get to concentrate on other stuff. Don't hesitate to download free edition of SyncMate to see how it works.

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