Is there any Android Dell suite for Mac?

Get the best from Android Dell tool for Mac.
SyncMate is an excellent Android Dell smartphone tool for Mac. Your data on computer and smartphone will always be up-to-date without you having to remember about syncing it or doing anything else! SyncMate doesn't require more than a couple of clicks to set everything up.
No matter which Dell smartphone you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x SyncMate will sync data on it with Mac and vice versa.

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Android Dell suite for Mac
Contacts and calendars from Android Dell to Mac

Contacts and calendars from Android Dell to Mac

Our Android Dell smartphone suite for Mac takes care of contacts and calendar events sync between your computer and smartphone for free! Free edition of SyncMate updates contacts and calendars directly in the corresponding apps without any intermediary apps or services involved.

Transfer Android Dell and Mac files and folders

With SyncMate Expert, an advanced edition of Android Dell suite for Mac, you get to sync music, videos, images, playlists, as well as folders that contain your files. Sync process is secure and fast, again thanks to direct communication with the corresponding apps on Mac and Android.

Sync Android Dell to Mac automatically

Users rely on our Android Dell tool for Mac. It is easy to understand why - SyncMate can be set up once and then every time you connect your smartphone to computer all data is synchronized without you even noticing it. You can concentrate on other tasks while SyncMate does its job.

Mount Android Dell as an external drive

As there are no native apps that could mount Android Dell, SyncMate saves the day and makes it all possible! When you have your Android Dell phone mapped to your Mac, you can access its files just as easily as you do on other drives managing and browsing them through the Finder app.

Extra options for Android Dell users

Now that you have SyncMate everything is in order and up-to-date on your computer and phone, you can also look at other great features it holds: Android Dell backup on Mac; call history access on Mac with the possibility to export it to a file; manage text messages on your Mac with its full-size keyboard, which includes sending and receiving new texts.


Our advanced Android Dell suite for Mac ensures perfect order of things and you have the latest version of your important data all the time everywhere. Get the free edition of SyncMate to see how it works now and feel free to contact our support team with any questions!

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