Hide Identity Online

Use VPN for anonymous Internet browsing
Available for Mac OS 10.10+ Available for iOS 9.0+
  • Hide your activity online

    Hide your activity online

    Online privacy is becoming more and more important as we realize how little is left of it these days. Mask your IP address and browse the Internet through private encrypted channels. Obtain true digital privacy.
  • Stop Government Surveillance and Monitoring

    Stop Government Surveillance and Monitoring

    Keep government agencies away from your personal data - your online activities, locations, communications, IP addresses, and more.

Why Cargo VPN App

Cargo VPN will prove indispensable in case you don't want your data to be stolen or lost, or when you need to bypass certain websites restrictions.

    Public WI-FI security

    No matter what Wi-Fi network you connect to, Cargo VPN ensures safe browsing - your activity and communications are encrypted and effectively cloaked.

    Protect your sensitive information

    Your sensitive information including login details, billing addresses, and so on, are kept safe from attackers.

    Save on flights and hotels

    When you adjust your VPN location it is highly possible that the prices for plane tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations change. Choose the best offer.

    Personal Static IP/Personal Server

    Get Personal IP or Server for top privacy protection level, and reliable bypassing of Internet censorship and geographical restrictions.

    Torrenting and P2P file sharing

    Torrent privately with Cargo VPN - conceal your IP address and benefit from the safest peer-to-peer experience.

    Unblock Restricted Sites

    Cargo VPN lets you bypass geo restrictions in case your most visited websites are blocked in certain locations. You are also getting the best connection speed with high-end VPN servers located worldwide.

    1000+ Servers in 70+ Locations

    We cover over 70 locations with more than 1000 high-speed servers, so you can choose your preferred location for browsing.

    256-bit Data Encryption

    Keep attackers and various snoopers as far as possible from your private digital affairs.

    24 hours of free testing on up to 5 devices

    We offer full-featured free VPN service for 24 hours. Test our VPN solution on up to 5 devices within one subscription (Mac or iOS).
Note: Cargo VPN is a dedicated software for your privacy and online anonymity, and we highly recommend you use it thoughtfully, with good intentions and for legal purposes.

VPN Cargo
Best VPN for iPhone and Mac

VPN client for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 8.8MB free space, latest version 1.2 released 21st August, 2017 VPN client for iOS is fully compatible with iOS 9+. Requires 63.9MB free space, latest version 1.0 released 15th Aug, 2017