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Your Archos smartphone just got a perfect assistant that can sync and transfer data between Mac and Android Archos in a fast and skillful manner. And it only takes a several clicks to get done!
No matter which Arhos smartphone you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x SyncMate will sync data on it with Mac and vice versa.

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Archos suite for Mac
Synchronize Archos contacts and calendars

Synchronize Archos contacts and calendars

How about an Archos suite for Mac that will sync your contacts and calendars from Archos to Mac and vice versa for free? SyncMate works directly (no clouds involved!) with the corresponding calendar and address book apps and keeps the data perfectly up-to-date between your smartphone and computer.

Transfer media and folders on Archos and Mac

When you get SyncMate Expert you are getting even more advanced possibilities. It is a worthy investment when you need to sync images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with various files. The fact that SyncMate works directly with the apps on computer and device promises a fast and secure process.

Transfer files between Archos and Mac automatically

SyncMate is a do-it-all Android Archos suite for Mac that will remember to synchronize your important data even if you forget about it. Just set up the application once and it will quietly do the best job of syncing and updating everything on each of your devices.

Map Archos to Mac

You probably know that there are no built-in features to mount Android devices on Apple computers and access their files in Finder. SyncMate, however, is a great Archos tool for Mac that allows you to mount your Android Archos as external Mac disk and browse it freely.

Useful extras

Our Archos smartphone tool for Mac doesn't only sync and transfer, it also offers some useful management possibilities. Go ahead and try to text directly on Mac, view and export call history and even backup Archos data on Mac. It is all so convenient and easy with SyncMate!


Don't you agree that SyncMate is an essential transfer Archos Mac solution? There will be no more duplicate entries or typing the same things into each device you own.
We are making every effort to make this app the best and hope you'll love it!

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