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What is remote support?
Benefits of remote support implementation


  1. What is remote support?
  2. Reasons you should offer remote support to your clients.
  3. Unique remote support and diagnostic software for your business

1. What is remote support?

Remote support is the availability of assistance when your client needs it, regardless of their location or the physical availability of a technician to resolve the problem. Remote support services can take the form of simply answering a question over the phone, or can involve gaining remote control access to your client’s machines for the purpose of troubleshooting and fixing the problem.

Remote support service offers you a competitive edge.

Imagine that you are running a technical support business. You have fierce competition in this field and need to take steps to differentiate your company from the pack. Transforming your support services into a remote support business can give you a substantial advantage over your competitors who are using the traditional support model.

2. Reasons you should offer remote support to your clients:

   ▪ Efficiency

Every time you need to drive to a client site you are wasting valuable time (potentially billable time), sitting in traffic or constantly visiting the same sites. Wouldn’t your time be better spent making a fifteen second phone call as opposed to a fifteen or thirty mile drive? It is a certainty that you would get your work done more quickly and efficiently leading to the potential for more billable hours. You may need to work out the remote access wrinkles with your less tech-savvy clients, but that is a one time procedure that will reap many benefits down the road.

   ▪ Cost effectiveness

If you provide remote support then you are not burning excess gas and putting untold mileage on your vehicle. Fewer accidents are likely, meaning no worries about insurance rate increases. There are other financial benefits to offering remote support to your clients. These include allowing you to reduce expenditures on eating out, business clothing, and data plans to keep you covered while you roam around.

   ▪ Client-friendly

There is no worse feeling that to hustle to get to a client site and suddenly realize that your timing couldn’t have been worse. Perhaps you arrived just as they executive team was commencing an important meeting, and now one of them need to escort you and monitor your progress while you are on-site. This can lead to less than optimal working conditions as you are pressured to get things done quickly and may miss something as you attempt to finish in a timely manner. Offering remote assistance online would eliminate issues related to timing your arrival, and let you perform your work out of sight of the client.

   ▪ Multi-tasking

Another benefit of remote access is in its ability to let you multi-task. You can have multiple remote sessions open at once and be servicing many clients rather than just one. Though you cannot fully bill these overlapping hours to all of your clients, you will undoubtedly be able to perform more billable work within the same timeframe by employing the remote support option.

   ▪ Faster response time

The difference between driving to a site and dialing in to a site can make a crucial difference in your client’s satisfaction. Minutes saved can be critical if you are dealing with failed machines or clients with extreme demands. You and your client will both benefit by the reduced time from problem notification to resolution.

3. Unique remote support and diagnostic software for your business

Eltima Software has long been a provider of advanced network technologies. Built on their accumulated knowledge they now present HelpWire, a custom software solution that enables you to connect to remote USB or serial port equipment and machines over the network.


This remote support software takes advantage of advanced port virtualization technology to create a unique tool for performing remote access support. It is designed to lower technical support costs as well as reducing the time required to handle problems experienced by your customers.

Engineers can easily control and maintain their customers’ equipment from any remote location using HelpWire. If you were inclined to start a remote tech support business, this is the tool you would want on your toolbox. Using this software, your technical team can connect to any device (e.g. iPhone or other iOS devices) over the network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, the Internet), gaining full access from anywhere on the planet. The remote device will appear to your specialist as though it was actually attached physically to their machine.

Major benefits you get with HelpWire:

   ▪ Fully customized solution

HelpWire includes a custom GUI and advanced features that are meant to meet all of your clients’ requirements. If the standard package does not do everything you need, specific features can be customized and added at your request.

   ▪ Simplicity of use

No additional hardware or software is required to use HelpWire. Simply install HelpWire on both the technician’s and clients’ computers and you have access to the client infrastructure, allowing you to troubleshoot and resolve issues with failing devices over the network.

   ▪ Quick response

The technical support remote access afforded by HelpWire will eliminate much of the need for onsite services. Accessing your clients’ machines remotely will reduce the time it takes to address and resolve their problems, leading to more satisfied clients.

   ▪ Cross-platform compatibility

HelpWire features cross-platform connectivity, supporting the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems. This facility allows users to create different combinations of client/server connections. Cross-platform compatibility

HelpWire can be used in various ways, ranging from providing fast online support and repair services to diagnosing and monitoring remote equipment such as phones, printers, computers, vehicle ECUs and other similar pieces of electronic machinery.


Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your needs.