Software to Remote support iPhone and other iOS devices

Why support iOS devices remotely?

If you want your service center to be an alternative to the often frustrating customer service experience, you should create an environment where customers would feel prioritized and cared for. When it comes to iOS device support and repair, the best way to achieve this is by offering the remote support option.

By using a dedicated software like HelpWire, you can release your clients from the need to visit your service center any time they need help with their iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS solution. Instead, you’ll be able to access your customers’ devices over the Internet and work with them as though they were physically connected to your local computer. Remote support of iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices has a lot of big advantages - increased customer satisfaction being one of them.

Choose the optimal solution for remote iOS support

There are a number of remote support solutions that assist technicians (and customers) to save money and time. And choosing the one that will be perfect for troubleshooting iOS devices in the remote area is not easy. When selecting an iPad remote assistance software, it’s important to take into account such important characteristics as the speed of remote support connections, the simplicity of customization, and security of communications. HelpWire by Eltima is probably the most optimal tool that combines all these and many other efficient features for remote customer service.


HelpWire is an advanced remote support software for iPhones and iPads which allows forwarding iOS devices over any distance so that a tech specialist can diagnose and repair them over the network. HelpWire is a unique tool based on the advanced port redirection technology. The software is designed to virtualize iPhones, iPads, and iPods in order to make them accessible from a remote machine. In addition to the powerful feature set HelpWire offers, this tool is extremely easy to install and use.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how exactly you can provide remote support for iPhone with HelpWire:

  1. Your customer attaches their iPhone that needs to be repaired to a USB port of their PC running HelpWire.

  2. Then, the customer logs into HelpWire account on the computer and waits for a support specialist. Once the tech starts the session, the client describes their issue via the live chat.

  3. The specialist connects to the iPhone over the network and gets full access to its contents and functionality like the device was physically attached to the specialist’s machine.

  4. Finally, the operator fixes the problem and disconnects from the iPhone.

Here are just some of the advantages you get with HelpWire:

  • • Quality customer service. HelpWire will allow your clients to get the devices repaired without them leaving the comfort of their home. Happy customers are satisfied customers, which means more revenue for your company.

  • • Completely secure connections. HelpWire deploys advanced traffic encryption meant to reliably protect all customer data while redirecting their devices across the network.

  • • Competitive edge. The support service with remote access capability is a significant advantage that will allow you to outperform your competitors and up your market share.

  • • The white labeling option. If you want to adopt the concept within your business, there’s the possibility of white-labeling which means you’ll be able to deliver the solution under your company’s logo and name.

  • • Communications chat. While being connected to a remote iOS device, the tech specialist can exchange video, audio, and text messages with the customer. This makes the process of remote iPhone diagnosing and repairing even more efficient.

  • • Software customization. If you require to add some specific functionality so that the tool better fits your workflow, Eltima team is ready to help you. HelpWire is a custom solution that can be easily adapted to virtually any platform or USB device.

LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is another popular software solution that can help you build your customer loyalty by providing remote support for Macs and iOS devices. This tool will allow you to resolve issues with iPhones and iPads over the web.

Rescue will come in handy if you need to configure settings on a remote iOS device, take control of a system in order to solve a problem with hardware or show some features for customers remotely.

The remote assistance benefits you gain with Rescue:

  • • Reduced costs as a result of reducing the time per incident and eliminating the need to send support specialists to the client site.
  • • Improved customer satisfaction. It becomes possible to resolve issues faster as it’s not required to walk novice users through detailed technical procedures.
  • • Increased productivity of the support service. Rescue allows running several remote support sessions at a time.

The key capabilities of Rescue include:

  • • The ability to share screenshots automatically. A customer just takes a screenshot of the required iOS device settings and it immediately uploads to the expert.
  • • Co-browsing option. By using the in-app browser, tech experts and their customers can see the same browser window and techs are able to push URLs or use the keyboard for inputting some text.
  • • Getting system information. With rescue, you can pull all the necessary diagnostic information right from the device.


To remotely support iOS devices, you can also try Boomgar. The utility offers a host of advanced features, like iOS screen sharing, chat support, co-browsing, file transfer, and image sharing. Plus, It works fast and securely.

In case you are looking for an efficient tool to control remote desktops, servers, and laptops from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Boomgar will also be a big help. As a remote desktop control app for iOS devices, it supports iOS Touch ID, 3D Touch for iPhone 6/6+, offers Bomgar Buttons, Chat Support, Jump Clients, Multi-Monitor Support, Multi-Session Support, and many other features useful for remote access and support of desktops.



So, in closing, we wish to amend our short review with one important point: there’s a plenty of software solutions for remote support of iPhones from PC. But what makes HelpWire a level above most of the other similar products is its absolutely unique technology which gives tech specialists much-desired flexibility in implementing the solution in their service centers. Taking into account the set of outstanding features it offers combined with an intuitive and friendly interface, this tool appears to be a completely optimal better solution than all the other ones.


Our efficient software will let you access remote equipment over any network. Enjoy multiple advantages of remote product support with our custom solution designed for your needs.
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