How to clone USB dongle over the network

From this guide, you’ll get some helpful information on USB dongles (security keys), s.a. what’s that, why you might need one and how to clone a USB license key to get a totally usable copy.
WARNING: If you fail to clone the USB key properly, your security dongle may get out of order. To exclude such a situation, we offer to use professional software.


  1. What is a USB dongle?
  2. Why copy USB security dongle?
  3. Clone a USB dongle: a step-by-step guide

What is a USB dongle?

A USB security dongle (also known as a hardware key or electronic key) is a hardware device designed to protect software from copying, illegal use, and unauthorized distribution.

You might have a question of “How does a USB dongle work?” The technology of each key is based on a special microcontroller with its unique algorithm of operation. USB dongles have non-volatile memory, and some keys can even be equipped with a built-in cryptoprocessor.

To use a security dongle, you need to connect it to a certain program interface. The interaction with a particular software version allows a dongle to perform its function. As a result of such interaction, the key unlocks the software features and decodes its content.

Why clone USB security dongle?

On certain occasions, you may need to obtain a USB security dongle clone for your employee or another trusted subject. That’s why it’s so important to have a way of making a copy that validates users’ access to a software or document and allows them to view stored data or modify something as required.

Clone a USB dongle: a step-by-step guide

Electronic Team, Inc. offers a simple and efficient solution to clone USB key - Donglify. The dedicated software will create a USB security dongle clone and redirect it to a guest OS across the Internet. By using this advanced app, you can easily emulate the presence of a USB dongle on a virtual or any remote machine on your network. Donglify ensures secure, well-protected connections established over LAN, Ethernet, or WIFi. What’s more, the program supports multi-connect function which allows accessing one USB dongle from multiple remote computers.

Clone USB Dongle

So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clone a dongle
USB key:

Step 1: Attach your USB security dongle to your local PC.

Step 2: Download Donglify (clone USB dongle software) and install it both on a PC with your USB dongle attached (server) and on a PC where you need remote access to it (client).

Step 3: Open Donglify and log in to your account first on the server machine, then on a client PC.

Step 4: On the server PC, click the “+” icon and you’ll see a pop-up box with the list of all local USB dongles that can be shared.

Step 5: Find the one you’d like to share, check the radio button in front of its name and then click “Share”.

As soon as the connection is set up, you’ll be able to use your USB dongle on a remote PC like if there was a clone USB dongle connected to it directly.

Once you’re done with using your dongle USB key, it’s completely safe to disconnect it from the PC.

That’s how easy it is to clone a security dongle with Donglify so you can access the device from any computer hooked up to your local network.