How to copy dongle USB key over Ethernet


  1. What does a USB security key mean?
  2. Weaknesses of hardware USB dongles
  3. How to copy USB dongle.

What does a USB security key mean?

A USB security key (alternatively known as a hardware key or software protection dongle) is a license management tool that connects to a computer I/O port to secure a particular application from unauthorized access and copying. In fact, security keys serve for “locking” software so that it can’t be shared with others. Without a USB dongle, the software will either not run at all or will operate in a restricted mode.

Weaknesses of hardware USB dongles

As soon as USB keys became more commonly used, some dongle management issues surfaced. For instance, the situation where each product has its own license key creates some inconvenience for those who need to share a limited number of dongles among multiple users. Or even if every user has their own USB key, it might still cause some problems if there’s a limited number of USB ports on a user machine.

USB security key

Also, it’s not a rare case that a customer loses or damages their dongle that is terribly expensive to replace. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

But, probably the most common thing that can cause user frustration is the inability to redirect USB security keys to a virtual environment. Attached to a local machine, a security dongle is often not recognized by a guest OS.

Having faced one or all of the aforementioned issues, users start looking for a way of dealing with them. And you know what? The solution is simpler than you can imagine.

Copy USB dongle over the network!

All you need is a simple and efficient software - FlexiHub. This advanced app will let you share any USB key over the Internet (LAN, or Ethernet) with just a few clicks. No matter where your device is physically located, the dedicated app will easily copy USB key and redirect it over any distance.


FlexiHub provides you with the great opportunity to share your security dongle among multiple users at a time. Even better, with this solution, you’ll be able to forward your hardware key copy to a virtual environment, as FlexiHub fully supports all major virtualization software, including Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMWare.

Some other significant features offered by FlexiHub:

  • Cross-platform compatibility. If, for example, your security key is connected to a Windows machine, FlexiHub will give you the way to access it from Mac or Linux and vice versa.
  • High security of data transfer. When you connect to a remote machine in order to redirect your dongle copy, FlexiHub reliably protects the established communication with advanced traffic encryption.
  • Access control. In case you don’t want your hardware key to be shared over the network, you can lock the device in FlexiHub interface. This way you will block access to the device for any remote physical or virtual machine.

How to copy a USB dongle with FlexiHub:

  1. First of all, install the software on each of your computers that need to have access to the dongle, including the machine with the USB key physically attached.
  2. Then, in the window displayed click ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions to create your FlexiHub account, it is free.
  3. After that, start FlexiHub on the computer with the device physically connected to and sign in using your newly created login credentials.
  4. Finally, launch FlexiHub on your remote machine that needs access to the USB dongle and log in using the same credentials. Find the shared device and click “Connect”.
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