Dongle key emulator software


  1. What is a dongle key?
  2. Why emulate dongle?
  3. USB key emulator software
  4. Benefits and drawbacks of hardware dongle protection

In this article, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of hardware security keys and tell you about the most efficient dongle key emulator that will let you access your hardware solutions remotely.

What is a dongle key?

A hardware key (also called a "dongle") is a small electronic device that plugs into the USB port of the computer. Once the protected program is launched, it starts looking for the key and its parameters. If the security key is not found (the devices usually generate a response code which is analyzed by the app), the program will not run (or access to the data will not be allowed).

The sphere of application of security keys has significantly expanded in recent years. Today, dongles serve for identifying the software copy owner, storing their personal electronic signature or confidential information, can be used as a credit smart card or electronic money.

Why emulate a USB security dongle?

At times, you may need to use your USB security dongle just when there is no opportunity to plug it directly into your computer. In that case, you’ll require a USB license dongle emulator, such as Donglify. It’s a top-of-the-line dongle key emulator software powered by the advanced port redirection technology. It allows you to pass on USB security keys over all distances and any platform.

USB key emulator software

Donglify is a handy app that allows users to create a copy of a hardware USB key and redirect it over the network. The solution will let you access your security dongle from any remote location, no matter how far away you are from the physical device. Donglify is a USB license dongle emulator that works across LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, and the Internet.

Connected via Donglify, the device will be recognized by a remote machine as though it were connected directly to a USB port of that PC. With this USB dongle emulator, you can not only share your license key among multiple users at a time but access it from a virtual machine easily and effortlessly.

What’s important is that Donglify is a legal way to share your USB key. It uses advanced traffic encryption and helps establish secure connections to your remote USB devices over any distance.

Clone USB Dongle

How to use a USB security dongle emulator:

Step 1: Start with downloading and installing the dongle emulator software (Donglify) on the machine with your dongle attached (server). Then do the same thing on a PC from which you need to access it remotely (client).

Step 2: Run Donglify on both computers (server and client) and log in to your account.

Step 3: On the server machine, click the “+” icon and you’ll see a pop-up window with a list of all local USB devices that can be shared.

Step 4: Find your USB dongle in the list, check the radio button next to it and click “Share”. As soon as the link is up, you can start using your dongle on the client PC as if it was attached directly to that machine.

That’s how easy it is to use a USB key emulator to access the USB security key that is not plugged into your computer.

Benefits and drawbacks of hardware dongle protection


  1. You can insert your USB dongle into any computer on which you need to run the program;
  2. The hardware solution does not require a drive;
  3. An electronic key is able to perform cryptographic transformations;
  4. Modern USB keys can execute arbitrary code written by the developer;
  5. Hardware keys ensure reliable protection of a software copy thanks to the mechanism which does not allow the key;
  6. security information (cryptographic keys, downloadable codes) to leave the device while you access it.


  1. Possible incompatibility of the protection system with the user’s system software (drivers/programs for modems, printers, etc.);
  2. Possible incompatibility of the protection system with the hardware peripherals of a particular PC;
  3. Possible incompatibility of electronic keys provided by different manufacturers (the user may have several products with security systems of different brands);
  4. Reduced extensibility of the computer system (occupied slots);
  5. Difficulties or inability to use the protected software on portable PCs, laptops (due to size, power consumption);
  6. The threat of theft of the hardware key (in this case, the customer completely loses the possibility of using legally purchased software);
  7. Inability to access your security dongle in a virtual environment, and others.

To help you overcome the inconveniences related to using hardware keys, Electronic Team, Inc. has developed a unique solution - dongle emulator software called Donglify.