Best antivirus Mac software for top security

Mac OS is definitely a super secure operating system, generally more secure than Windows thanks to sandboxing. However it is not just viruses we have to be protected from these days, but also from identity and money theft. It is always a good idea to stay proactive and protect yourself before anything can even
try to happen.

There has been some research done that says that Macs are becoming less secure these days. Ransomware is becoming a real threat these days hitting the huge organisations including the NHS recently. Also on June 13th 2017, users were warned by security firms Fortinet and AlienVault about the new types of malware targeting Macs after being published on the Dark Web.

Mac security is ever so important and a good quality antivirus for Mac is definitely an essential assistant to keep your system safe. Check out some of the best Mac antivirus apps for 2017.

Intego Mac Security

Intego Mac Security X9 is an online protection service that keeps you safe from Windows and Mac malware. It also has an anti-phishing feature, virus scanner, and additional firewall.

According to the independent best Mac AV tests performed in December 2016 Intego successfully detected 96.8 percent of Mac malware threats. This is a good average among Mac antivirus apps.

Intego app automatically scans incoming emails and newly plugged in USB devices, including mobile ones. The firewall and anti-phishing tools are surely to boost your protection to a higher level.


  • 49.99 € (1 Mac, 1 year)
  • 99.99 € (3 Macs, 1 year)
  • 89.99 € (1 Mac, 2 years)
  • 184.99 € (3 Macs, 2 years)

For extra 10€ you can get protection for both OS X and Windows.

To find out more about Intego Mac Security X9, click here.


Webroot Antivirus works well and almost has no lag to it. It is very small and light on resources. However according to the independent best Mac AV-tests it scored low in detecting Windows and Mac malware.

According to AV-Test this app only detected threats 22.6 % of the time, which is rather low compared to other programs. On the other hand Webroot Antivirus is very easy to download and use and will automatically begin scanning your computer. It has customizable settings, you can change from a full scan to a quick scan or schedule scans.

Webroot also includes options that you typically won't find in basic Mac antivirus apps, including identity protection. Antiphishing options allow you to scan incoming email messages for any harmful content trying to trick you into giving out your personal information.


  • 39.99 $ (1 Mac, 1 year)
  • 49.99 $ (3 Macs, 1 year)
  • 79.98 $ (1 Mac, 2 years)
  • 99.98 $ (3 Macs, 2 years)
  • 119.97 $ (1 Mac, 3 years)
  • 149.97 $ (3 Macs, 3 years)

To know more about Webroot, click here.

F-Secure Total

F-Secure Total has a subscription/installation model. As soon as you setup your online account, you can install the antivirus on the device you registered. This antivirus for Mac offers a free 30-day trial, which is rather convenient as you can fully test the app before purchasing. F-Secure Total conveniently combines internet security app, VPN and family protection service. Even though there are strong competitors that may generally perform better, F-Secure Total is a rather likeable package: speedy, offers generally expected antivirus protection and extra banking protection feature. There is also parental control included, which makes this app really attractive because of all dangers Internet can hold for youngsters.


  • 89.99 € (1-3 devices, 1 year)
  • 109.99 € (5 devices, 1 year)
  • 129.99 € (7 devices, 1 year)
  • 139.99 € (1-3 devices, 2 years)
  • 169.99 € (5 devices, 2 years)
  • 204.99 € (7 devices, 2 years)

You can have it on a total of 1-3, 5, 7 up to 25 devices.

To know more about F-Secure Total, click here.

Panda Antivirus for Mac

Panda Antivirus for Mac is another security software you should take a look at. It is quite effective working mainly in the background, without intervening with your work and without slowing the computer down. Panda offers offline protection - it caches signatures locally and keeps track of any unusual system behavior that may indicate the presence of malware.

Panda Antivirus can scan USB drives and incoming email messages and their attachments. It doesn't however include antiphishing feature, which is useful when you have loads of incoming emails and most of this software competitors offer
this option.


  • 69.99 € per year.

To know more about Panda Antivirus for Mac, click here.

Avira Antivirus PRO

Avira is a popular antivirus for Mac that runs on OS X 10.9 and newer. It is also available for iOS.

What differs this Mac security software is its use of generic signatures, which boosts up the performance and scanning speed. The set of heuristics used by the app helps prevent damage by unknown malware, which can still produce false alarms, but still a good option to have on. ProActiv component of Avira can detect potential threats according to set rules and sends the information to the company. This app has been awarded multiple times and is highly rated.


  • 23.95 € (1user, 1 year)
  • 47.90 € (1 user, 2 years)
  • 71.85 € (1 user, 3 years)
  • 34.95 € (3 devices, 2 years)
  • 69.90 € (3 devices, 2 years)
  • 104,85 € (3 devices, 3 year)

You can have it on a total of 1, 3 and 5 devices. To know more about Avira Antivirus for Mac, click here.

Thank you for taking time to read through our best Mac antivirus 2017 list. Stay
well protected!