Best apps to sync Android LG phones with Mac

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Many people who can't live without their Mac computers are actually not that excited about iPhones. Technically iPhone and a Mac are a perfect match, because they were developed by the same manufacturer, however many people will prefer LG Android phone over Apple's iPhone. Keeping data in sync between two Apple products is easy, but syncing data between an Apple computer and an LG phone requires some research. And then not every solution, you discover on the Internet, will be able to neatly sync and organize data on both devices. Not every solution provides a true synchronization. We have reviewed different types of solutions with very different characteristics. Let's take a look at our top picks for LG phones and Mac computers sync.

The top apps for syncing data between Mac and LG phones

Apps to sync Android LG with Mac

1. SyncMate for LG and Mac

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The number one on our list is SyncMate - the uber versatile true sync app that supports a large number of devices additionally to LG phones. It also offers data backup, mounting of LG phones as Mac disks, working with SMS messages on Mac keyboard, and managing call history that can be also exported to different text files.

Synchronize LG Phones with Mac

SyncMate allows keeping the LG contacts, calendars, music, files in folders, browser bookmarks up to date on your Mac computer.

2. TunesGO for LG and Mac

This power tool is for transferring media files between Mac computer and Android phone, so you don't need to involve iTunes for iOS related features. TunesGO allows installing, uninstalling, importing and backing up Android apps you have on your LG, and also managing contacts and SMS messages.

Note that this app is transferring files, as mentioned above, synchronization is different and is not offered by this software. Also the personal data like contacts and calendars is not supported.

3. doubleTwist for LG and Mac

Good solution for managing and synchronizing of media files between your LG phone and Mac. The doubleTwist Android client will backup and sync media in every direction between a phone and computer. A perfect little app that unfortunately only works with media files. In case you need to sync personal data such as calendars and contacts, you should look into SyncMate app reviewed in the beginning of this article.

4. Android File Transfer for LG and Mac

Android File Transfer is not a third-party tool so to say, it was actually developed by Google for simplified file transfer between a Mac and an LG Android phone. It is a free app that unfortunately hasn't been updated for several years and doesn't allow transferring more than one file at a time. It also doesn't allow personal data transfer.

Android File Transfer
5. Cloud services for Mac and Android

Cloud storages make any data accessible from all devices we own and also make sharing easy. Using cloud storage as a sync tool is a little more hectic than a designated app, but can be a great solution for some. Let's have a look at the top cloud storages that can be used as sync solutions.

Google Drive is a great storage and synchronization service that supports all sorts of files. A great advantage of this cloud service is that it works with contacts and calendars.

Dropbox. The ever popular service offering storage, file transfer and sharing, etc. Dropbox will hold all sorts of files for you that you can access from any of your devices with Dropbox folder or from its online interface.


Another similar service is SugarSync offering file transfer and sharing options. What we really liked about this service is the possibility to remove synced files in case of a loss of your computer, so that no one can get to them.

Probably the most efficient in terms of syncing will be Google Drive service. Additionally to offering file upload it works with contacts and calendars.


Thank you for reading and hopefully this review will help you figure out which file sync or transfer product works best for your needs.

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