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If you are one of those people (and there is a lot of people like us) who have a Mac computer, but prefer an Android phone instead of iPhone then you've already bumped into the issue of not having any native way to sync these two. Yep, that's right, an Android-Mac combination will require you to use third-party apps to transfer or sync files or personal data.

Apple did not develop any solution, while Google has created an Android File Transfer app. Unfortunately the latter hasn't been updated since 2012 and offered very little options along with a complicated interface.

You are welcome to have a look at the list of best apps to synchronize Android with Mac that we have created after some testing and research.

Software to sync Mac with Android

1. SyncMate for macOS and Android

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Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+. 53.1MB free space. Version 7.2.407. (17th May, 2018). 4.9 Rank based on 358+ users, Reviews(956)
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SyncMate has an outstanding functionality and offers a great range of syncing possibilities as well as non-syncing features.

And this tool offers actual syncing, not just file transmit from one device to another, which is different, because with sync you don't have to keep track of the most recent changes to the files and move the right ones in the right direction, sync updates files for you on both devices.

SyncMate: sync Android with Mac

SyncMate can sync contacts and calendars between Mac and Android, music and playlists, folders, bookmarks, etc. It also lets you mount Android device as Mac disk, manage text messages and call history on your computer.

2. TunesGO for Android device and Mac computer

Another app to synchronize Android with Mac is TunesGO. It doesn't offer synchronization as such, but will let you transfer media files between your computer and Android phone.

TunesGO allows its users to install and uninstall, import and backup mobile apps in bulk. One can also manage contacts and texts, and backup media files. Unfortunately this utility doesn't work with calendars and contacts, so you cannot transfer those entries.

doubleTwist for macOS and Android

doubleTwist is an app allowing you to sync media files between your Mac and Android. doubleTwist has an Android client for keeping media files neatly organized, syncing and creating data backups.

This is a friendly and easy-to-use app, however it will only work with media files. In case you need more syncing options, you might need to get another app.

4. Android File Transfer for macOS and Android devices

Nothing could be a better fit than a native utility developed by the same brand as your Android device or Mac computer. This is not the case however. As much as it is appealing to get this free app, at the same time it hasn't been updated for years and always lacked functionality. IT doesn't boast with a friendly interface and only allows one file to be transferred at a time.

Android File Transfer
5. Dukto R6 for macOS and Android devices

This simple and straightforward app is developed for file transfer over LAN. Works on Windows, Mac OS, Android and Symbian. Nothing extra, just pure file transfer. Real synchronization is not available.

Dukto R6
6. Droid NAS for macOS and Android devices

Droid NAS is a tiny app that features a rather compact and friendly interface. Droid NAS allows you to mount Android phones to your Mac and provides access to the following folders: SD card, Camera, Downloads, Music, Photos. Note that this is a file transfer utility and it won't work with contacts and calendars.

Droid NAS
7. Cloud services for macOS and Android devices

There is always a way to have you files up-to-date with the help of cloud services. This is not a direct sync or transfer option, it adds a step of uploading data to the cloud in order to get it on another device, but sometimes you can opt for this way. Several popular cloud services include:

Dropbox, which seems to be the most popular and rather reliable cloud storage. Dropbox offers enough of free cloud space for basic needs where you can store folders and files. A great feature of Dropbox is the ability to share your files with those who don't even have a registered Dropbox account. Not so great is the fact that it won't personal (calendars and contacts) data, just back it up so you can unpack on device or computer.

Also included is SugarSync. This service offers the storage for your files and folders and lets you share your files with others. One will definitely appreciate the possibility to remove all synchronized files from Mac in case it gets lost or stolen.

Same as Dropbox, SugarSync doesn’t work with calendars and contacts.

Google Drive is probably the most convenient cloud storage that works well with Mac and Android files. It doesn't just upload files, it also works with contacts and calendars.

Thank you for reading through our list of the best apps to synchronize Android with Mac. Choose the one that works well for your needs and enjoy having everything up-to-date!

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