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OPPO smartphones are running on Android operating system. Mac computers run on macOS developed by Apple. These two operating systems were not exactly meant to operate in sync. Yet many of us choose Android OPPO as their phone and Mac desktop or MacBook as their computer.

If you are among those who own an OPPO phone and want to sync it with your Mac OS X you'll definitely be interested to know about software solutions to make your computer sync with your smartphone as if they were meant to be.

In this article we mostly reviewed third-party apps, because there are almost no native sync solutions. There is on - Android File Transfer - that was developed by Google to transfer files between your Android OPPO and Mac, but it is not a synchronization tool and hasn't been updated since 2012, and let's be real - a lot happened since then. So let's have a look.

The top apps to synchronize OPPO smartphones with Mac OS X

Apps to sync OPPO smartphones with Mac

1. SyncMate for OPPO phones and Mac

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By all means the top of our list. SyncMate is a versatile solution for syncing (not transferring, but really synchronizing) various data between Mac and OPPO phones. It will keep your calendars, contacts, playlists, folders with files, web browser bookmarks up-to-date between your smartphone and computer.

SyncMate for OPPO

With SyncMate you can also mount your OPPO as a Mac OS X disk, read, create, send, delete text messages from your computer and work with call history there. And if you ever decide to change your phone model, SyncMate supports multiple Android phones and actually many other device types as well.

2. Droid NAS for OPPO phones and Mac

This app will make your OPPO phone appear as a Bonjour computer in your Finder and you'll be able to share the folders on smartphone over network. Through Droid NAS you can work with such folders as SD card, Camera, Downloads, Music, and Photos. Unlike SyncMate, Droid NAS doesn't really sync data, it just transfers it. Also there is no support for calendars and contacts data.

Droid NAS
3. Dukto R6 for OPPO phones and Mac

It is a simple and pretty direct file transfer utility, won't perform a true sync however. It supports Windows and Symbian operating systems additionally to Mac OS and Android.

Dukto R6
4. TunesGO for OPPO phones and Mac

This app offers full access to your OPPO smartphone so you can transfer media files freely between the phone and macOS computer. Thanks to TunesGO you can easily install and remove, import and backup Android apps, and manage contacts and text messages. It will not sync your contacts and calendars unfortunately. Also the synchronization here is rather a file transfer, than data updating in both devices.

5. Android File Transfer for OPPO phones and Mac

As we mentioned earlier this is the only native utility that could greatly help with file transfer between OPPO device and Mac, however it only offers one file transfer at a time and didn't have any updates for years. Interface is not easy either.

Android File Transfer
Cloud services for OPPO smartphones and Mac OS X

Getting to your files became much easier since clouds came into our digital lives. And even though it is not truly a synchronization solution and not a direct one for sure, we still wanted to give them a credit for solving file transfer issues in many cases. Here are the three cloud services we like the most.

Google Drive was launched back in 2012 and offers cloud storage, sharing options, and synchronization across devices. works with contacts and calendars.

Dropbox hosting service offers cloud storage and file synchronization (that is a file transfer, not a true sync). Users can upload different files and access them from the Dropbox folder on a device or computer or from its online interface and download online content to where you want to transfer it. Dropbox doesn't sync personal data (contacts and calendars), just back it up so you can later unpack it on device.

The last but not least is SugarSync with its cloud storage and sharing possibilities. It offers a neat feature of removing synced files from your computer in case it was lost. This service doesn’t work with contacts and calendars either.

Hopefully our roundup of the apps to synchronize OPPO smartphones with Mac OS will help you find the most suitable solution to keep all important data up-to-date on all your devices.

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