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Instagram gain a huge popularity among people. Nowadays we can’t imagine our daily life without sharing our moments through this social platform with our friends, family, and followers. However, the most popular social network that is not available for use on ordinary computers and to post to Instagram, you have to use the official Instagram mobile app. Despite the fact that you can upload photos on Instagram taken directly by your phone and edit them in the application itself, many users prefer to take pictures using digital cameras, process pictures on desktop computers and only then publish them on Instagram. So if for instance, you have a photo on your Mac and you want to upload from Mac to Instagram, what should you do? It is self-evident that arises the question “How to upload photos to Instagram on Mac?” Transfer photos to your phone via AirDrop or email, etc. and after that upload them to your account? Well, it does not sound attractive, does it?

So, how to upload photos on Instagram from desktop Mac? Despite all the requests of users, the official Instagram client for desktop platforms has not been released yet. But this does not mean that there are no ready-made solutions. So ow to get around the limitation and post photos on Instagram from Mac? The answer is simple. In order to upload to Instagram from desktop Mac all you need is to have a decent Instagram uploader.
Instagram uploaders for Mac

Top 5 Instagram uploaders that make your Instagram experience easier

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Requirements: MacOS 10.10+. 21.97MB free space. Version (10th Feb, 2020). 4.5 Rank based on 58+ users, Reviews(24)
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With Uplet bulk uploading to Instagram from Mac will not take much time. Simply grab and drop your selected photos or videos to Uplet and share them with your friends just with one click. Uplet allows you to upload photos on Instagram from Mac in their full size and provide each photo with a unique caption, emojis, and hashtags. This minimalistic app also supports multi-accounts that can be rather handy for devoted Instagram fans.
Flume is another app that allows you to upload photos on Instagram from Mac. This solution has a lot to offer to its users and with its help, you can upload not only your photos or videos on Instagram from Mac but also tag locations and captions. Like Uplet, the app supports multiple Instagram accounts and can appeal to Instagram admirers. In addition, the app allows you to search for new interesting profiles and send messages via Instagram Direct.
When using Gramblr you can effortlessly upload image to Instagram from Mac. Like the mentioned above apps, Gramblr also supports video uploading. Also, the app offers you a bunch of features that make your uploading easier and fast. Thanks to different filters you can make your images look fantastic and it will not take much time. Besides that, there are the famous emoticons, the ability to change the background to another picture, etc. In addition, you can easily manage multiple Instagram profiles by clicking on the current profile to switch from one to another.
Also, take a look at such Web service as With its help, you can not only post photos on Instagram from Mac, but also videos. All you need is just to customize your upload, schedule the time and will take care of everything else. Upload photos on Instagram from a Mac computer with an ease without even installing the app. Even more, the ability to share Instagram posts via Facebook and Twitter is also supported.
Windowed is another uploader for Instagram Mac users would find rather interesting. The app is disguised into a mobile browser that supports almost full-fledged Instagram interface. Windowed allows you to do almost everything on Instagram, except for the video uploading. Another useful feature of Windowed is support for up to five different Instagram accounts. Fast switching between them is done by the Profile button at the top of the screen.
Grids for Instagram is a simple and convenient program that has a clean, non-distracting user interface that will allow you to view your account in the popular Instagram service. The biggest advantage of the application is that you can connect several accounts to it and then easily switch between them and upload photos on Instagram absolutely hassle free. You will receive notifications about new subscribers, likes, comments, and so on. There is a search mode, the ability to leave a comment, etc. Besides that, photos can be displayed in full-screen mode.
Grids for Instagram
PhotoStack will allow you to view your Instagram feed right from the menu bar, which is much more convenient than in a browser. The application interface is simple and completely placed in the drop-down menu. There is a search, favorites, the ability to download videos, post photos on Instagram from Mac and many other interesting and useful functions. Directly from the program you can share a photo on Facebook or send to Twitter.
PhotoGrids for Instagram is an easy-to-use uploader for Instagram Mac users would find rather appealing. Post photos, videos on Instagram from Mac in a convenient and a quick way. The app offers a bunch of useful features among which are special tag feature and search for other users’ photos. With PhotoGrids for Instagram, you can also view all the features of Instagram from their Mac.
PhotoGrids for Instagram
InstaMaster a great Instagram uploader for Mac that offers you a great list of supported features. The app supports for feeds and popular viewing, likes, comments, follow, search for people, tags and places adding, posting of photos (square and non-square), etc. In other words, with the help of this intuitive app, you can seamlessly manage your Instagram account directly from your Mac.
This is how you can simplify work with Instagram on Mac and please your friends and subscribers not only with mobile photos but also with edited masterpieces from your computer. However, as it is known, every man has its own taste. So choose the most appealing way to you and have fun with Instagram uploading from Mac computer.

Uplet for Mac

Fully compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later. Requires 21.97MB free space, latest version Released 10th Feb, 2020.

4.5 rank based on 58+ users , Reviews (24)
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