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When staying at home you can pretty much rely on your Internet provider and Wi-Fi. However, when traveling, staying at a hotel, airport or drinking coffee at a coffee shop you risk being compromised.

The thing is that using public Wi-Fi is equal to leaving your device unattended at a hackers conference and is the worst thing that you can do if you are traveling. So, how to travel the world safe? The good news is that there are a lot of travel gadgets and apps to secure yourself and what is even more important they are easy to use and will not strain your wallet. If you want to know more about travel tips and tricks, you are in the right place. Read below, to know more about.

Travel apps

Meet 10 Best travel apps that should always be with you when traveling

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The first choice on our list of travel hacks is CloudMounter – cloud encryption software for Mac, presented by Eltima. It is a useful travel app that cares about cloud security and data encryption on remote servers and cloud storages. With CloudMounter you can secure all the information because the encryption works the way that only people with the password can decrypt the information. For the rest of the people, it will be presented an nonsense, even if someone took control over your device.
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Our next tourist app on the travel list is It is a cross-platform solution that doesn’t require a lot of effort when using. This little MacBook protection software allows using not secure free Wi-Fi without worrying. Once the app notices that you are connected to an unknown network, it will reroute connection through a secure network.
Cargo VPN, well the name says for itself. The app is fully compatible with macOS and iOS. It can be your perfect solution if you do not want your sensitive data, bank account information, etc. to be put at risk. In addition, it can be rather useful, as the app allows you to access all your favorite sites and pages, even if the country where you are staying at is currently blocking the content. Very fast and convenient travel app, that could be a cup of tea for a lot of travelers.
Cargo VPN
If you want to have a safe travel either for yourself when traveling alone or for your kids, people you care about the most, then StaySafe app is definitely your top choice. Wondering how? The point is that it works as an individual GPS tracking app. So, if you got lost, or in a difficult situation, the app will let your emergency contacts know your exact place via an email and a text message. The main idea of the app is always staying in touch no matter where you are.
Another app for travel on the list is Ghostery. The main function of this security software is to block trackers in your browser, thus keeping you protected as well as saving a ton of bandwidth. That is why it will be a good idea to have the Ghostery extension installed and running on your laptop.
TravelSafe Pro is an essential travel hacking tool, that can provide you with all the detailed information about the embassy, emergency numbers, peculiarities of each country, such as voltages, plug types, tips, timezones, tip calculator, currency exchange rate (more than 150 countries), panic button, etc. All these simply combined in one minimalistic, but a rather handy app.
One more best travel app is TripMode for Mac. This security software for Mac analyses your location and changes your computer’s settings allowing you to decide what should be connected to the Internet. For different location, you can create the list of apps and later choose which to turn on or off. Also, this app can be handy, because of a hard stop feature that cuts all Internet connections once the limit of the data is reached.
TravelSmart is another travel app that cares about your safety. It can be used both on your iPhone and iPad. The app can be rather useful when you travel to another country and in case of an emergency need to know what to do. TravelSmart will tell you where the nearest hospital, pharmacy, police station are, will guide you to the necessary place, has a built-in translator (medical terms) in case if you do not know the language. In addition, the app allows you to check the information about your flights and boarding gate in real-time.
Next on our travel apps list is Find My iPhone. It can be rather handy when you desperately need to find the phone if it got lost or stolen when traveling or even when you are in a hurry. Simply enable this function on all your devices and track your lost iPhones effortlessly.
Find my Phone
Noonlight or ex. SafeTrek is designed to handle the emergency situations and provide you with a necessary help. The app has a so-called panic button which a person can press and hold if he/she feels insecure. After releasing the button, you need to provide your safety pin code within 10 seconds. If the code has not been entered, the app will send a notification to the police about an emergency situation and provide them with the detailed place of your location, as the app updates your place in real time every couple of minutes. It can be one of your best travel accessories while traveling in the USA.
However, as we all one that, one of the most exciting moments of the trip is its anticipation. When you have bought all the tickets, booked the accommodation (hotels, hostels, inn, guesthouse, etc.) selected and read the guides to the holes, and prepared your device (phone, laptop) to withstand the attack of new travel applications. So next time you go away, make sure that you have installed the best apps for international travel. Have a safe journey and enjoy your staying in different countries.


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5 rank based on 58+ users , Reviews (25)
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