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When you think about it, YouTube has just about anything someone could want to find. YouTube has become something of a daily activity for many people, but there are times when you need to grab video from YouTube and have it saved to your Mac or other device.

What you need for this is a YouTube video grabber. Today we’ll be looking at some of the best choices. If you’re worried about how legal it is to grab video from YouTube then we recommend doing a little bit of research before starting, just to give yourself a little peace of mind. When it comes to copyright, it’s generally considered okay as long as you are using the video grabber for personal use. Reading through the Terms of Service on YouTube tells us that users should not download content from YouTube unless it has a download link displayed by YouTube. The ToS make it clear that you should avoid using a YouTube video grabber when you can, so ask yourself what you really want the video for.

How to Grab Videos from YouTube

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Airy for Windows

Requirements: OS X 10.9++. 14.16MB free space. Version 2.2.262. (9th Apr, 2020). 4.7 Rank based on 780+ users, Reviews(321)
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1. Airy

Airy is a great way to grab video from YouTube. All you have to do is copy and paste the link to the video into the program, choose the quality and format of the download (choose MP3 to only download the audio) and then click the Download button. Airy allows users to download an entire YouTube playlist or channel and download several videos at once. Airy is built around YouTube and as such doesn’t work as a video grabber for other websites. While this sounds bad, having this narrow speciality means that it does the job well. This YouTube grabber is available on Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded with a discount if you can prove that you’re migrating to Airy from a different paid app.

Airy Win

The developers of Freemake say that it is able to support a wide range of websites and not just YouTube. Freemake is able to download videos in a range of formats from YouTube and it is able to grab multiple videos from YouTube. Freemake promises to be fast when it comes to downloading. It doesn’t allow for MP3 extraction, but the developers have a different tool for that called YouTube to MP3 Boom.

As you may have guessed by the name, Freemake is a piece of freeware. This is a positive, but it also comes with some negatives including ads and the installer trying to install other pieces of software. Exercise caution when using the best free YouTube video grabber software that works with Windows.


This is another piece of freeware, but aTube doesn’t have ads and it comes with a multilingual interface. While the video grabber is versatile, it is let down by slow download speeds. It may take some time for your YouTube video to download.

aTube Catcher

This video grabber is a great choice for people that want a clean app that gets regular updates and does the job it is designed for. It is able to download videos up to 4K quality and can grab videos in a range of formats and keep subtitles. It might not be able to download just the MP3 from a YouTube video, but it does have a sister app that can do this called 4K YouTube to MP3. 4K Video Downloader also includes the option of downloading an entire YouTube channel.

4K Video Downloader

KeepVid makes it easy to grab videos from YouTube. Just paste the link into the website and click on the Download button. Avoid clicking on the large Download button though because this is an ad trap you can get caught in easily. This is an online YouTube video grabber that allows downloading in MP3 format with the Pro version. The KeepVid website requires Java to run properly.


TubeMate is an Android YouTube video grabber, but it also has a Windows version. It provides an easy solution to downloading YouTube videos. The interface is a little dated but it’s user-friendly enough to make up for it.


YTD Video Downloader can download videos from YouTube and even convert them into a different format. There is a pro version of the software that allows users to download multiple videos at once, provides faster download speeds, and removes ads. Some users might have trouble with YTD Video Downloader, but it’s steady and reliable.

YTD Video Downloader

iTube Studio delivers an easy and free way to download videos without getting hit by a virus, but it does have a lot of ads you’ll have to navigate around. A few clicks is all it takes to get started downloading YouTube, YouTube HD, YouTube VEVO, and 4K UHD videos.

iTube Studio


Requirements: Windows 10 v.14393.0 or higher , 14.16MB size
Version 2.2.262 (9th Apr, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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