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Whatever videos you are about to look for on the Internet, most of the times you'll get search results from YouTube. That's because YouTube is the largest video hosting resource with all types of videos including vlogs, latest music videos, movie trailers, etc. Sometimes the videos may not be the point of interest - sometimes the soundtracks are what you were looking for. One way to extract an MP3 audio out of a YouTube video is downloading this video with one application and then convert the saved file to MP3 format. Another (much easier and straightforward) option is using a single app to directly download an MP3 file without the initial video in a couple of clicks.

Once you start searching the web for an MP3 download YouTube app you might get overwhelmed with how many there are advertised online. But how do you know those are legit? We did our best to help you make the right choice and rounded up some popular apps that can download MP3 from YouTube.

Keep in mind that in order to download from YouTube you need to have the copyright owner's permission. YouTube's terms of service prohibit unauthorized downloading of videos.

1. Airy MP3 Downloader

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Airy for Windows

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If you are going to download for the very first time, Airy is the app to go with! You don't have to know how to download from YouTube to MP3 to use this app - it is just so easy and friendly. It supports downloading in various file types, but we are talking MP3 here, so copy and paste a YouTube link into Airy, select the desired quality and MP3 format, and click "Download".

If you want to save an entire YouTube channel or playlist - no problem here - Airy allows you to do that in a click. You can also feed many YouTube links to Airy at a time and it will download them all. For faster process, you can integrate this app with your favorite web browser. Airy only work for YouTube, but being narrowly specialized allows this app to be really good at what it does.


2. Freemake MP3 Downloader for Mac

This YouTube to MP3 free download app saves in various formats including the MP3 files. With its latest update the app promises better speed and more stable process. To download YouTube videos to MP3 with Freemake paste a YouTube link in it, and the software will automatically pull the video and convert it into a preferred offline format. Freemake also includes some additional video editing tools that you can use before conversion, like cutting certain scenes out, however those are not professional video editing tools.


3. ClipGrab MP3 Downloader

ClipGrab is just a nice and simple app to use to download from YouTube to MP3. One thing that may be a downside for someone is that it bundles up with Opera browser - make sure to skip this option when installing. To start downloading copy a YouTube link and ClipGrab will immediately catch it, offering to start the downloading process. In case it doesn't do so, it is probably not running yet. Simply open it, paste the copied link, and choose MP3 format. Then click the 'Grab this clip!' button.

aTube Catcher

4. Free MP3 Converter

Once you went through the installation process, the app is actually easy to use. It offers an option to select the quality and format for your audio files. Basically it is paste and click Download kind of app.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

5. KeepVid YouTube to MP3 Downloader

KeepVid allows downloading from many other websites additionally to YouTube. It can save various videos in their original formats as well as convert them to other formats including MP3. It allows adding the entire YouTube playlists and channels to download at once and can also handle up to 5000 YouTube links. Thanks to multi-thread downloading, KeepVid Pro is really fast. This is a paid app, but you have an option to try free version before you buy it.


6. Fetchy MP3 Downloader

Fetchy is an amazingly simple and friendly downloading service with the instructions right in front of you may you ever need them. What makes this service really neat and interesting is that you can search for new YouTube videos right from its window. As soon as you have found a favorite of yours, tell Fetchy to get it and it will automatically download the highest quality of audio available.


Airy for Windows

Requirements: Windows 10 v.14393.0 or higher , 14.16MB size
Version 2.2.262 (9 Apr, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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