Best Bitport alternative on Mac


Bitport, aka, is a freemium web-based cloud torrent downloader that also offers its users the ability to stay anonymous while downloading BitTorrent content. One can save to and retrieve torrents from the cloud without the need of any software. Users also don't need any software apps to be able to stream the content without downloading it.

Bitport works this way: enter the link to a torrent and after some time passed a movie or a song you were downloading will become available online to watch or listen to from any location connected to Internet.

Everything sounds good, however there are some disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Takes an awful long time for some magnet links and torrent files to load;
  • It seems there is no audio streaming feature available via the web browser or a local media player like Elmedia Player;
  • As mentioned above this service is a freemium, meaning it is not really free. There is a free plan available but is rather limited in space - only 1GB.

Folx Bitport Alternative for Mac


There are sites like Bitport Mac, and there are apps similar to Bitport Mac in their functionality, however we are the fans of software applications over Internet-based services. One of such best alternative apps to Bitport on Mac is Folx. Folx is a highly reliable torrent app that can download torrent content really well. You can also create your own new torrents and share them with other P2P users. Folx supports magnet links and downloads with them for free.

For additionally and more advanced possibilities you can use PRO version of Folx, which is an upgrade to free version and is available for a reasonable fee. So, here is what it gets you:

  • You are getting the possibility to search for torrents on multiple trackers simultaneously without leaving Folx app. Just enter search criteria and Folx will comb through all of the trackers it supports. Some of them are:,,,,,
  • Download speed can be either adjusted manually or you can let Folx adjust it automatically according to current Internet usage by other apps on your computer.
  • Schedule the downloads conveniently and choose what Folx will do upon finishing the download process: shut down the system, switch system to sleep mode, or just quit Folx.
  • Save your login details for those websites you often download from. Websites with web authentication and FTP websites are supported.
  • All downloaded music & videos can be sent to corresponding Music (former iTunes) playlists automatically.

There is also an option to use the cloud torrent service combined with an app: download files to your Bitport account and then save them to your computer with the help of Folx app.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 76.8MB free space
Version 5.12.13890 (6th Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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