Top ways to Solve YouTube Not Working in Black Screen

Let's take one particular situation as example when you get the link to a YouTube video in email and follow this link only to see black screen on YouTube. In this article we'll discuss possible reasons for black screen on YouTube on Mac and how to fix these issues. After the problem is fixed you can even download YouTube video to your Mac to never worry about black screen again. Airy is the perfect app for downloading of YouTube videos.

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen on Mac

First of all a good idea would be reloading the page and who knows, if that helps, you won't need to read this article. If the problem was fixed by reloading, you can simply watch your video and download it to your Mac with Airy.

1. Poor network connection

Reliable and strong connection is a must for browsing through videos. With interrupting and weak Internet connection you won't be able to load video normally, will be seeing black screen or hearing the audio but not seeing the image.


If you found yourself in a situation like this one, check your network connection to see if everything is well on that end. Try switching to another network and refresh YouTube website. Also to avoid the buffering wait, you can download a video from youTube to your computer.

2. Issues with Adobe Flash Player/JavaScript

Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed in many web browsers and in case there are some issues with it, black screen of YouTube on Mac can happen.


  1. Try uninstalling Adobe Flash Player and install the latest version available.
  2. Check whether JavaScript of your browser is on. If not, turn it on.
  3. Disable hardware acceleration. Right click on the video to unselect "Enable hardware acceleration" option.

3. Browser Cache/Memory/Page Filing is Filled Up

This is the most common cause of YouTube not working black screen problem. Sometimes the memory gets stocked with cache objects and is not fully capable to play an online video, let alone opening more than one video.


You'll need to clear cache and restart the browser. Should totally fix the black screen YouTube videos on Mac.

For Firefox: Click Firefox History - > Clear history -> "Everything" range of "Browsing & Download History/Form & Search History/Cookies/Cache/Offline Website Data"; or click Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> "Clear Now" for Cached Web Content and Offline Web Content and User Data;

For Google Chrome: Click Chrome Menu > More Tools/History > Clear Browsing Data > choose the "Cached images and files/ Cookies and other site and plug-in data" to clear;

For Safari (Mac OS X): Click Safari Menu > Empty Cache > Empty;

For Internet Explorer Internet Explorer: Click menu icon > Safety > Delete Browsing History > select Temporary Internet Files, cookies and history / Preserve Favorites Website Data > Delete.

And even though by this time the YouTube black screen issue is non-existent anymore, you may still want to keep the video on your hard drive for offline use. Airy is a perfect YouTube downloader for Mac.

  1. Download free Airy from developer's website and download two first videos at no charge. In case you want unlimited number of videos to download, get fully licensed version of Airy from its developer's website. The purchase process is quick and easy.
  2. Paste the YouTube link in Airy.
  3. Choose the resolution and format to save the video in (MP3 if you only want to extract audio file) and click Download.

Thank you for reading and enjoy videos with no black screens in view!


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