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Enjoy New Localized Interface of USB Network Gate 8.0!

Alex Taylor in System Utilities
28 Jun 2017, 07:49

Eltima Software is pleased to announce the newest release of USB Network Gate. Version 8.0 features a localized interface, supports Windows Server 2016. More details are given below.

Share USB over IP
Appealing news for those looking to upgrade their essential tool – USB Network Gate. As expected, the latest version 8.0 for Windows is now officially released by Eltima Software. By combining a clean and simple interface with powerful features, the app allows users to stay connected to their most remote USB devices and interact with them over the network like they were physically attached to their machine. The expanded and improved functionality of USB Network Gate 8.0 shows how dedicated Eltima team is to making true quality products.

The latest version of the software offers:

  • Interface available in multiple languages (Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish);
  • Displaying the transmission speed and the amount of data sent in both directions for each connection;
  • The ability to automatically disconnect a client after a certain period of time if a shared device is not active;
  • Windows Server 2016 support;
  • The ability to prevent a shared device from being restarted after it was disconnected.

The update also includes a number of improvements to previously existing functionality:

  • GUI compatibility with higher resolution displays;
  • Enhancement of interaction between server and client, and many other significant fixes.

You can find a complete rundown of what’s new in USB Network Gate 8.0 here.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. If you are a lucky owner of USB Network Gate 7.x for Windows, bought within the “Grace period” (May the 27th, 2017 – June the 27th, 2017), or have the Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee, download the app and take advantage of the great new features offered in the latest release version for absolutely free.

Learn more about USB Network Gate

Download USB Network Gate 8.0

Meet Uplet v1.3 with long awaited Multiaccount for Instagram!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software
13 Jun 2017, 12:52

Uplet has been on a market for more than a year already and has proven itself as indispensable and reliable utility. Lots of you use the app on a daily basis to post your high-resolution images to Instagram. However, Uplet is not only a handy app for online social life, but also a powerful tool for Social Media Marketing.

Multiaccount for Instagram

It is not a secret that many businesses have Instagram pages with all their products listed, and they update their profiles daily. But, behind these accounts, there are real people, who also have their own Instagram profiles, and sometimes it is a real headache to re-login from one account to another, to post new photos from your Mac. And imagine a user responsible for several business-accounts, which he should update few times a day – poor guy.

Actually, it was this way until today. Uplet 1.3 brings long awaited feature, which allows to login several accounts simultaneously. You can switch between them in one click and keep as many accounts signed into a single Uplet instance as you need.

Download Demo Version

To login another account, just click on your profile icon and press “Add an Account”. Login to your second profile and you will see it added to the same menu.

Uplet v1.3 for Mac

Each new version extends Uplet capabilities to a whole new level. First video posting, now multi account, curious what is next? Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned!

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Welcome SyncMate 6.7 – better, faster, more reliable! Grab it for free!

Alex Taylor in Free Software,iOS & iPod software,Mac Software,Mobile/Symbian Software,System Utilities,The Company/Releases
09 Jun 2017, 10:27

Our team is happy to announce the release of SyncMate 6.7, an updated version of our multifunctional sync tool for OS X.

We’ve improved support for iOS devices on macOS Sierra 10.12 and added several fixes that make SyncMate even more reliable and ensure that your data will be synced correctly between Mac and supported devices and accounts.

This update is absolutely free for all registered users of SyncMate 6 Expert. Those of you who are not yet SyncMate Expert users are welcome to download SyncMate 6.7 Free version from here and check it out.


About SyncMate in general

SyncMate is a powerful sync tool for OS X, that can easily sync data on Mac with numerous devices and online accounts among which are:

  • Android and iOS devices;
  • other Mac computers;
  • mounted storages and MTP devices;
  • online accounts (Google, Dropbox, iCloud);
  • Microsoft services (Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business editions).

SyncMate syncs personal data (contacts and calendars), as well as media files, folders and bookmarks, and offers non-sync options like mounting of any device as Mac disk or managing of mobile texts on Mac.

More about SyncMate and the great features it offers are here.

Have any ideas on how we can make SyncMate even better for you? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

USB Analyzer 4.0 is now available to download!

Alex Taylor in System Utilities,The Company/Releases
26 May 2017, 11:33

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to upgrade your indispensable data monitoring tool, USB Analyzer, today you can do it. We are excited to announce the release of the latest version – USB Analyzer 4.0!  Eltima team is proud to provide efficient, user-friendly software solutions combining a simple interface and genuinely innovative features, and this release is yet another proof.


With a range of improvements added, additionally to efficient data capturing, the newest software version is now capable of monitoring virtual USB devices as well as saving logs automatically. What’s more, the revamped app can start monitoring newly connected devices automatically. On top of this, USB Analyzer 4.0 allows adding markers to important moments in the session, making it easy to compare and evaluate transmitted data. 

Special Features of USB Analyzer 4.0:

  • Automatic saving of logs.
  • Monitoring of virtual USB devices.
  • Automatic monitoring of multiple new USB devices.
  • Adding of markers to captured data.
  • Data export to a binary file.
  • Easy data packets comparison through context menu.
  • The IRP dispatch level display.
  • Resizeable New Session window.
  • The “Dump data” option has to be set up only once for data export.
  • Displaying of the PNP_LOCATION_INTERFACE interface.
  • Power supply transcription in IRP_MN_QUERY_CAPABILITIES.

USB Analyzer 4.0 is tailored for programmers, software developers, hardware engineers, testers, system integrators, lab experts, students, and anyone who codes, tests and optimizes applications, designs USB device drivers and hardware.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Learn more about USB Analyzer

Download USB Analyzer 4.0

Attention All Uplet Users

Alex Taylor in Mac Software
18 May 2017, 08:03

Dear clients,

We regret to inform you that Uplet has been removed from App Store at this time. We are doing our best to appeal to their decision, as we are sure that Uplet does not violate any Instagram policies regarding content uploading. Also, we have not received any direct notifications from Instagram people.

Uplet App Store

All Uplet owners from App Store will be able to continue using the purchased version of the app. However, if you remove it or reinstall macOS, you won’t be able to load your app back from the cloud.

In case something like this has happened, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with your iTunes invoice for Uplet purchase and we’ll provide you with the licensed version of Uplet asap.

As soon as we get this issue resolved we will let you know!

CloudMounter 2.0: an ultimate cloud manager with a high-end encryption algorithm

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,Security Software
28 Apr 2017, 09:27

You know CloudMounter as the newest Mac app developed by Eltima. This Mac utility allows an easy access to and management of all your cloud data via Finder as if it were kept on your Mac’s hard drive. Update 2.0 brings the encryption feature, learn more about it below.

Encrypt cloud data

CloudMounter is a cloud manager that lets you mount OpenStack, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox services and remote FTP, SFTP, FTPS and WebDAV servers as Mac disks for easy access directly on your computer. Mount all your cloud storages and manage your documents without having to synchronize them with your Mac or copy the content on the hard drive.

The app’s minimalistic interface is an additional bonus – it looks like a connection manager where each cloud service and web server is assigned with a key. CloudMounter cares about your privacy – all your login data is securely stored in macOS Keychain and goes directly to the servers through encrypted channels.

Now you can encrypt your files for even better security as well as secure cloud storages and servers to access them only from your copy of CloudMounter. Thanks to our high-end encryption algorithm (AES256) viewing the data in your accounts from any point of access other than CloudMounter will show nothing but nonsense. User content becomes unreadable to those who do not have the decryption key.

The highlights of this update:

  • Encryption:
    There is no doubt about the security of your FTP/SFTP/WebDAV servers or any supported Cloud Storages when you are using CloudMounter. You can easily set up data encryption and secure cloud storages and servers to access them only from your copy of CloudMounter.
  • OpenStack Swift storage system:
    The constant work on expanding the list of supported cloud storages made possible the support for OpenStack Object Storage – the high performance public cloud.

For more information about Encryption in CloudMounter visit this page. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet Serial Port Monitor 7.0 with unique Playback feature and Modbus data support!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,System Utilities
19 Apr 2017, 10:04

Eltima Software is pleased to announce the newest release of Serial Port Monitor. Version 7.0 features a revamped interface, supports Modbus data and has a unique Playback feature. More details are given below.

Serial port Sniffer

Serial Port Monitor is a versatile tool for displaying, logging and analyzing activities of RS232/422/485 ports in the system. Such monitoring is crucial for detecting potential problems when developing application and drivers, as well as testing and optimizing serial devices.

The software offers advanced filters and search functionality to view only relevant data. There is professional terminal, integrated into the application. You can export data in various formats, log it immediately and compare monitoring sessions in the app’s window. Additional bonus is the software’s clean and intuitive interface. No additional hardware is required to install and use the application.

The new features and improvements of SPM 7.0 include:

  • Compatibility with Modbus data, including new filters and viewing mode.
  • Playback session, i.e. the ability to send data received earlier to the same port again. Thus you get more detailed information for analysis.
  • Synchronization of selection in different view modes.
  • Windows Server 2016 support.
  • 64-bit GUI version. Even if monitoring process takes much RAM, it will not be interrupted.
  • Newly added ‘Comments’ column in the Table view.
  • Revamped user interface

For more details on the release updates, refer here. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Learn more about Serial Port Monitor

Download Serial Port Monitor 7.0

USB Network Gate 4.0 for Linux is released

Alex Taylor in Linux Software,System Utilities
18 Apr 2017, 13:16

We are happy to announce the release of the updated USB Network Gate for Linux, your must-have tool for sharing and accessing remote USB ports over network.

USB over IP for Linux

Version 4.0 contains a number of updates and improvements, the major one being a completely revamped kernel module for both server and client. The module now works with the latest kernel versions (up to 4.4) making it even easier to interact with remote USB ports and devices connected to them.

Rewriting the kernel module from scratch enhances the performance and stability of the software. It also results in much better functioning of the following devices:

  •       BULK
  •       ISO
  •       USB 3.0

You can download the updated software here. Should you have any questions and queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USB Network Gate is a tool that enables shared access to USB ports over network – IP/ LAN/ WAN/ VLAN/ VPN/ Internet. You can use the software to reach USB ports in virtual environment and blade servers, as well as over Remote Desktop Protocol. The application offers additional functionality such as per-session USB device isolation.

USB Network Gate is one of the most popular applications developed by Eltima Software. The company constantly works on improving their product range using the latest technologies.

Learn more about USB Network Gate Linux

Download USB Network Gate 4.0

New release for Elmedia Player – free player for Apple TV

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software,Multimedia/Flash Software,The Company/Releases
13 Mar 2017, 15:56

elm-blog-atv-releaseWe just released an update for our super versatile and handy media player! Elmedia Player for Apple TV version 1.0.1 is the best way to get easy access to your favorite music, videos and photos on your Apple TV. No conversions required! All you need to do is connect your computer to Apple TV over WiFi and play your media files. Elmedia Player’s list of supported formats is our own pride! So many are included, common and uncommon ones!

Here is a brief description of Elmedia Player features:

  • Support for all video and audio file types without conversion.
  • Playback speed is adjustable.
  • Can use media files from macOS, Windows, and Linux via file sharing (SMB only).
  • Play music, view images, watch movies directly from the server.
  • Video image enhancement options (deblocking filter and deinterlacing).
  • External and built-in subtitles are supported. Change color, size, font, text encoding and language.
  • Supports internal audio tracks. You can select the preferred language.
  • Photos on Apple TV can be viewed as a slideshow or in random order. Set the duration for photos and transition effect.
  • Library offers three categories (Videos, Music, Photos) for neat file organization. Also includes media items and folders from shared computers and file servers.
  • Light and dark appearances of Apple TV are both supported.
  • Note: Elmedia Player is available worldwide through the App Store for Apple TV in Entertainment category or here.

    Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy the new version, let us know what you think, ask questions!

    Here you go – FlexiHub 3.0 brings in Invite feature

    Alex Taylor in Linux Software,Mac Software,Serial Port Communication,System Utilities
    22 Nov 2016, 11:02

    FlexiHub 3.0 - invite to share USB

    FlexiHub, an innovative software solution by Eltima Software, is already appreciated by many. This handy application provides access to remote devices over network from a single account. The developers never stop improving it, and the newest release brings in Invite feature – a valuable addition to FlexiHub’s functionality.

    Here is what FlexiHub 3.0 has to offer you:

    • Invite feature – now you can invite others to access a device shared on your system. You can choose to provide access only to a particular device, not the entire account.
    • Full compatibility with new macOS 10.12 Sierra.
    • Reduced data traffic – thanks to optimization of communication parameters in the network.
    • Improved interface and gravatar support.

    FlexiHub is a unique application to work with remote USB ports.

    USB devices such as modems, barcode scanners, terminals, etc. will be available to you as if they were on your local machine. No additional hardware is required to enable access.

    FlexiHub works across platforms:

    • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012
    • Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.12
    • Linux – tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Debian 8, Centos 7

    Download the new FlexiHub here and give it a try! Contact us if you have any doubts.