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USB Network Gate – extremely reliable with a superb support!

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21 Jun 2018, 13:14

Beijing Zhongshui Information NetworkGood day everyone!

Today we would like to tell about another user experience generously shared with us by Johnny Leung of Beijing Zhongshui Information Network Co., Ltd., who describes how USB Nework Gate helped him to overcome challenges his company encountered.

Company industry: Information Technology and Services

Beijing Zhongshui Information Network Co., Ltd. is a technology company serving taxpayers and provide the agent tax declaration, the agent tax consultation. They conduct technical support and data analysis for Tax bureau through TCIS (Tax Core Information System).

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Johnny Leung: Our company particularly specializes on foreign trade of electricity sales, electronic transformation.

Our technical department needed some documents to be transformed into an electronic form, and use Ukey appraisal authority and some storage areas. Based on this requirement, I decided to design a hardware motherboard in our company’s machine room, which can be connected to 50 Ukey stores and 50 stores on another motherboard, and provide remote access to them. So, I was looking for a software that would allow them access these Ukeys remotely over the network.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about our software?

Johnny Leung: Simply “googled” the keywords for “usb2lan”, “usb2ip”, “usb redirection”.

Alex Taylor: Did you try any similar product(s) before coming across ours?

Johnny Leung: I have tried USB over Network, USB/IP Project, etc. About 20 related software in total.

Finally, we decided to use USB Network Gate mainly because of a great technical support and excellent before and after sales consultations. You did a good job of incorporating the software as easy as possible, we believe that the cooperation with you is the very right choice.

Alex Taylor: Why did you choose our product over competitors? What made it stand out for you?

Johnny Leung: There are a number of reasons for that:

  1. Excellent technical support!
  2. Simple demo access.
  3. Reliable performance.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using our solution?

Johnny Leung: Thanks to USB Network Gate we improved the overall efficiency of the company and reduced the operating costs.

Alex Taylor: Are you happy with our software at this point? Why or why not?

Johnny Leung: 90% satisfied, 10% dissatisfied, because the Linux for ARM Java API is
not very user-friendly at first sight.

Alex Taylor: Do you feel our prices are: high – about right – low?

Johnny Leung: To say the truth, I consider them rather high. However, in terms of service attitude and technical support, it’s definitely worth it.

Alex Taylor: Has our customer support system met your needs?

Johnny Leung: Yes, without any doubts!

Learn more about USB Network Gate

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Exchange messages with your customers via new HelpWire Chat!

Alex Taylor in business software,Remote access
06 Jun 2018, 12:34


We are happy to announce that HelpWire has become even more convenient thanks to its new outstanding feature – integrated online chat.

Now, our unique solution provides the ability to communicate securely via HelpWire Chat, which considerably improves the quality of technical service and gives an undoubted advantage over competitors!

HelpWire has proved to be an efficient tool that allows engineers to run remote device diagnostics and control any USB and serial equipment from remote locations. The software works over the Internet and makes it possible for technical specialists to access remote client devices as though they were physically attached to the specialist’s machine.

With the new integrated communications chat,
tech support operators can:

  • exchange messages with clients in real time;
  • deliver comprehensive technical assistance;
  • and provide fast responses to customer issues.

HelpWire is a unique custom solution designed to help businesses improve their efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.

Learn more about HelpWire


SyncMate goes 7.2!

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21 May 2018, 09:40

Just a small note to inform you about the release of SyncMate 7.2. Below is the information on the  updates and improvements we’ve added.

Starting with version 7.2 SyncMate doesn’t offer Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive mounting feature. But we are offering you something that may be even better!

All registered users of SyncMate 7 Expert will still be able to mount Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive accounts with CloudMounter, another great app from Eltima, for absolutely free.

Free codes for CloudMounter were already sent to all registered users of SyncMate 7 Expert by email. If you haven’t received yours – email your SyncMate Expert Order ID to and we’ll send you the free code for CloudMounter in reply.

Additionally to Google Drive and OneDrive, SyncMate 7 Expert users will be able to mount Dropbox as Mac disk using CloudMounter (synchronization of Mac with Dropbox is available in SyncMate).

Note that this update is related to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox mounting; other devices like Android, iOS and MTP devices can still be mounted on Mac with SyncMate Expert.

There is another update that is related to Microsoft services sync – you’ll need Mac OS version not earlier than 10.10 to sync data with Microsoft accounts (Outlook account, Office 365 Home and Business editions).

We’ve also added several fixes and improvements to make SyncMate even better.

Download SyncMate 7.2 Free edition

Know more about this cool app

Eltima officially releases the highly anticipated – Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,The Company/Releases,Win Software
19 Apr 2018, 12:00

We are pleased to introduce our new versatile solution – Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO!

One of our core products, Virtual Serial Port Driver, is going strong! Our team is constantly working on improving the solution to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is the advanced VSPD version which demonstrates our commitment to providing the best port virtualization software today.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

The program delivers an unrivaled combination of serial port virtualization and splitting functionality. Building on the strong feature set of Virtual Serial Port Driver and Serial Splitter, Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO gives customers an efficient way to manage multiple real and virtual COM port bundles.

Here’s what you can achieve with Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO:

  • Creating an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs;
  • Merging multiple virtual ports within one port bundle where each of the added ports is able to communicate data with all the other ports at a time;  
  • Arranging complex bundles of serial ports;                                                             
  • Splitting a real COM interface into several virtual ones;
  • Joining several real ports into one virtual port;
  • Connecting several real ports to one virtual for their further automatic switching. The software will help you automatically detect a free real port and assign it to the required app;
  • Sharing one real COM port among multiple applications at a time;
  • Redirecting data from one physical port to another real or virtual serial port, and more.

With a slew of advanced capabilities it offers, Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is ideally suited for a great variety of usage scenarios. This all-in-one tool will definitely come in handy for developers and testers of serial port software and hardware as well as any customers dealing with COM port products.

Learn more about Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Download now!

If you own a standart version of Virtual Serial Port Driver or Serial Port Splitter you can upgrade with 50% discount – request it here.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Bundle Up – Get our best apps at a reduced price!

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18 Apr 2018, 14:38


We love us some good deal over here! That’s why we decided to bundle our best apps into one package at a discounted price. Eltima Box contains 8 applications: Airy, Elmedia Player PRO, SyncMate Expert, CloudMounter, PhotoBulk, Commander One PRO Pack, Uplet and Folx PRO.

This way for a reduced price you get to try and use each of these apps as thoroughly as possible and not worry about completing your checklist – purchase, done – in one go!

Oh, and sorry, for keeping you waiting, here are the details:

You can get this bundle for $79.95 instead of a regular price of $291 that you would pay if buying all listed applications separately. This is an annual subscription, which is valid for one year for the included applications and their updates within this period, and also includes brand new apps that we release during the subscription period (we are always working on something, so this shouldn’t be an issue :) ).

After the subscription expires, you can extend it at the same price or get a different subscription for any product you wish to keep. Check this page dedicated to Eltima Box for all the details and for the system requirements of each product.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we are always happy to answer!

Introducing FlexiHub 3.2 – with a brand new FlexiChat feature!

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12 Apr 2018, 13:29

An updated version of FlexiHub 3.2 has just been released. We did our best to improve FlexiHub’s functionality based on numerous comments from our valuable customers to make their user experience as convenient as possible.

But most importantly, a brand new feature has been introduced – FlexiChat! Communicate with other users logged into the same FlexiHub account to share comments and reactions while accessing or sharing remote USB and COM port devices. And all of that from a single application!


The new FlexiHub version can be downloaded from the official website.

Download FlexiHub

Existing users can update FlexiHub via a built-in updater at any given time. Hurry up, do not miss the chance to be among the first to try out the new feature!

Contacts and Calendars don’t sync with Outlook Live

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software,System Utilities,Tips & Hints
02 Apr 2018, 14:26

If you are using SyncMate for syncing data with Outlook Live you may have noticed that contact info and calendar events stopped updating. This is caused by some changes in how Outlook Live works and it affected SyncMate unfortunately. Not to worry though our programmers are concentrated on making necessary changes in SyncMate at this moment in order to bring the sync back asap.

Don’t forget to enable updates notifications in SyncMate to download new version with the fix as soon as it is released.

How the Release of macOS 10.13.4 Influences Elmedia Player

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30 Mar 2018, 11:56

In June 2017 Apple announced that it wouldn’t support 32-bit applications in the future. January 2018 was the starting point when Mac apps had to take first steps to 64-bit binaries. Apple reported macOS High Sierra the last release maintaining 32-bit applications “without middle ground”. And users running old software that has been without updates for a long time can’t install it after macOS update.

We are working on Elmedia Player 64-bit version. So far it’s available in Elmedia Players on App Store.

As macOS 10.13.4 has been released the users of current version have the following message at the relaunch: “Elmedia Player is not optimized for your Mac. This app needs to be updated by its developer to improve compatibility”. Don’t worry, the app continues functioning in its usual mode.

This alert is displayed for you only once. If you don’t want to see it on your Mac you can select Elmedia Player on App Store, e.g. Elmedia Video Player that is macOS 10.13.4 friendly. Elmedia Player website version will get updated before macOS 10.14 release.

“Restore Purchase” option failure in App Store

Alex Taylor in Mac Software
12 Feb 2018, 16:04


We’ve been receiving feedback from our customers about the issues with the “Restore Purchase” option of our three applications: Elmedia Video Player, Commander One, and CloudMounter. This issue is of a great concern to us and we are already working with Apple on resolving it as soon as possible.

It occurs not only with the software designed by Eltima but also with other applications created by third-party developers that we have faced ourselves as well as were informed by some of our partners.

So far, the workaround for this situation is the following:

1. Make sure that you have bought In-App purchase for the software from Apple ID you are currently logged into. More information on how to check your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store can be found here:

2. Once you have verified that the In-App purchase was done from the same Apple ID, click the “Buy” button instead of the “Restore Purchase” option.

Restore purchase

3. As In-App purchases from the same Apple ID cannot be charged twice by Apple.

Restore purchase App Store

They will be re-downloaded one more time

Restore purchase re-download

and you will be able to access the full software functionality.

Successful purchase restore

Popular Business Software Directory Distinguishes HelpWire as a Great User Experience for Remote Support Software

Alex Taylor in Awards
17 Jan 2018, 13:45

HelpWire was recently awarded the Great User Experience award by reputable B2B software directory FinancesOnline after their experts were impressed with our software’s ease of use and efficiency in performing remote diagnostics and repairs. Additionally, the software directory observed the positive traction HelpWire received lately, and thus assigned it their prestigious Rising Star award.

The Great User Experience award for best remote support software is reserved to solutions that are both easy to use and effective in facilitating the work process. FinancesOnline’s experts described why HelpWire was deserving of this recognition, stating that our software is not only flexible for various requirements but is also capable of delivering “rapid response” to customers. This eliminates the need for on-site visits from specialists, said FinancesOnline. Thus their experts said, “HelpWire saves businesses time and money while greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity of their support teams and meeting customer needs and demands.”

Other features that their experts highlighted include HelpWire’s capability to connect to client’s devices within a few clicks and its swift connectivity to various platforms.

Similarly, the Rising Star award is given to software solutions that have received good traction from customers due to its well-designed functionalities and are known to guarantee customer success. This is supported by HelpWire’s positive score from FinancesOnline’s experts and our overwhelmingly positive 100 percent user satisfaction rating.


Feel free to visit the official website of Helpwire