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“Restore Purchase” option failure in App Store

Alex Taylor in Mac Software
12 Feb 2018, 16:04


We’ve been receiving feedback from our customers about the issues with the “Restore Purchase” option of our three applications: Elmedia Video Player, Commander One, and CloudMounter. This issue is of a great concern to us and we are already working with Apple on resolving it as soon as possible.

It occurs not only with the software designed by Eltima but also with other applications created by third-party developers that we have faced ourselves as well as were informed by some of our partners.

So far, the workaround for this situation is the following:

1. Make sure that you have bought In-App purchase for the software from Apple ID you are currently logged into. More information on how to check your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store can be found here:

2. Once you have verified that the In-App purchase was done from the same Apple ID, click the “Buy” button instead of the “Restore Purchase” option.

Restore purchase

3. As In-App purchases from the same Apple ID cannot be charged twice by Apple.

Restore purchase App Store

They will be re-downloaded one more time

Restore purchase re-download

and you will be able to access the full software functionality.

Successful purchase restore

Popular Business Software Directory Distinguishes HelpWire as a Great User Experience for Remote Support Software

Alex Taylor in Awards
17 Jan 2018, 13:45

HelpWire was recently awarded the Great User Experience award by reputable B2B software directory FinancesOnline after their experts were impressed with our software’s ease of use and efficiency in performing remote diagnostics and repairs. Additionally, the software directory observed the positive traction HelpWire received lately, and thus assigned it their prestigious Rising Star award.

The Great User Experience award for best remote support software is reserved to solutions that are both easy to use and effective in facilitating the work process. FinancesOnline’s experts described why HelpWire was deserving of this recognition, stating that our software is not only flexible for various requirements but is also capable of delivering “rapid response” to customers. This eliminates the need for on-site visits from specialists, said FinancesOnline. Thus their experts said, “HelpWire saves businesses time and money while greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity of their support teams and meeting customer needs and demands.”

Other features that their experts highlighted include HelpWire’s capability to connect to client’s devices within a few clicks and its swift connectivity to various platforms.

Similarly, the Rising Star award is given to software solutions that have received good traction from customers due to its well-designed functionalities and are known to guarantee customer success. This is supported by HelpWire’s positive score from FinancesOnline’s experts and our overwhelmingly positive 100 percent user satisfaction rating.


Feel free to visit the official website of Helpwire

Check out our Christmas Slot Machine Promo!

Alex Taylor in Free Software,iOS & iPod software,iPhone & iPod games,Linux Software,Mac Software,System Utilities,The Company/Releases,Tips & Hints,Win Software
21 Dec 2017, 10:49

Last year’s promo was very successful among our readers, so we decided to run it again to get you into the holiday spirit! Say hi to this year’s Eltima X-Mas Slot Machine!

The promotion will be running from Thursday, December 21, 2017 through January 8, 2018 and the best part of it is that you won’t have to spend money on gambling (yep, it is better than Vegas in some way!). This is the fun way to get the apps you’ve been contemplating on for a while, but at a much better price!

Lots of apps are participating:

Mac apps: Airy, Elmedia PRO, Folx PRO, Commander One PRO, SyncMate Expert, USB Network Gate, Typeeto, Uplet, PhotoBulk, CloudMounter.

Win apps: PhotoBulk Win, Airy Win, USB Network Gate, Serial Port Monitor (Standard and Pro versions), VSPD, Serial to Ethernet Connector.

Linux: USB Network Gate.

Who can enter and the promo details:

* Eltima Xmas promo is open to everyone. Every participant is given a chance to get an app they want with discount that will vary from 11 to 99%!!! Spin the slot machine by pushing the “Start” button and get the random app discount. You will have 3 attempts (coins) for each application.

* To increase your chances of winning the best discount, click the “Need more coins?” link and share the following message: “Can’t stop! Gambling for the best discount for the coolest apps out there #eltimaxmas2017” on your Twitter or Facebook page. For every share on each of these platforms you’ll be given 3 additional coins.

* If you are happy with your discount, you can buy the app at a reduced price right away or you can play more. After the final attempt you won’t be able to go back to a discount you won before.

Feel free to visit the official website of Eltima Software.

Here comes CloudMounter for Mac v3.0: the most popular cloud services became free. More clouds, more opportunities for online file management!

Alex Taylor in The Company/Releases
13 Dec 2017, 14:32

Never not working on new ideas here! We tried to equip new CloudMounter with new handy features and make it even more versatile by adding more supported cloud storages to the pack. Doesn’t matter if it’s for business or for fun, you will surely appreciate having full control over online files from the comfort of your Finder app.

We are excited to inform you that Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts are available in free version of CloudMounter along with encryption feature.

CloudMounter for Mac 3

What’s new in CloudMounter for Mac v3.0:
– Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts can be mounted for free;
– You can encrypt your cloud files for aforementioned clouds for free too;
– Added support for Box cloud storage;
– Added support for Backblaze B2 cloud storage;
– Added support for Amazon S3-compatible storages;
– The “Shared With Me” Google docs are now supported too.

Other improvements and enhancements are also on board!

Visit the official website

Those of you, who already know CloudMounter well, will find it even more convenient to use, and those who meet our software for the first time will be pleasantly surprised with how intuitive it is.

The app is available on the Mac App Store or you can download the 15-day trial here. Also try CloudMounter for Windows.

Please pay your attention to changes in Pricing Policy with update 3.0 for Mac version:

– site version of the app became free for basic functionality; from now on all licenses include Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee (50% discount for owners of previous versions).

– those who purchased CloudMounter in App Store before the upgrade 3.0 will continue using full functionality permanently without additional charges. The new customers could use their main Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts for free or choose 3-month or 1-year subscription to use all features.

We always appreciate your feedback!

Eltima Software visits ET2017

Alex Taylor in Linux Software,System Utilities
06 Dec 2017, 13:39

USB Network Gate has been presented at one of the world’s largest trade shows of Embedded Technology & IoT Technology!


Last month, Eltima’s popular solution USB Network Gate was presented at one of Asia’s biggest technology and electronics events – Embedded Technology Conference & Exhibition (ET2017) which was held in Japan on November 15-17, 2017.

ET2017 was organized by Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA) and takes place yearly in Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan.

This year, the event hosted a range of exhibitions presenting products in such categories as: Internet-Related Technology, Embedded Platforms, Wireless Network, Device Drivers, RTOS, and more. All major world’s and Japanese electronics makers, embedded system designers, technology promotion organizations (and many other participants) showcased their advanced solutions and technologies for embedded applications at ET2017.

Eltima Software was happy to present their advanced product USB Network Gate at this great event as well.


In the first place, the attendees and guests of ET2017 liked the idea of using USB Network Gate with Raspberry Pi and sharing multiple cameras over the network.

Since USB Network Gate is a program based on a unique port virtualization technology, it caught the attention of many visitors who were interested in either using the software as a standalone solution or integrating USB Network Gate in their specific projects.

Learn more about USB Network Gate

Meet PinDrive for iOS

Alex Taylor in Free Software,iOS & iPod software
23 Nov 2017, 14:32

Eltima Software releases its first app with augmented reality for car owners – PinDrive.

PinDrive for iOS

Just imagine how much time you spend searching for your transport when returning from a shopping center or sports arena? Not even talking about a huge parking space in an unknown city. With PinDrive for iOS you will no longer waste any time searching for your parked vehicle. It’s going to be so much easier now! All you need is to follow the red arrow that will lead you right to where you parked.

Visit the official website

Want to know how it works? Just two steps required:

– when you found a place to park launch the app, pin the position and tap Save. PinDrive will remember the location allowing you to save your time when coming back to the parking spot;

– to know the exact parking place, use PinDrive. Open the app, on the screen of your device you will see the car icon indicating the direction where you should go. Then simply point the camera of your device in this direction and the AR arrow will show you the exact location.

And the last, but not the least, PinDrive is absolutely FREE!

Download from App Store

We believe that our newest application will be rather handy for you. And as usually, your feedback is appreciated.

PhotoBulk goes Free!

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software
21 Nov 2017, 14:27

Hello everyone,

Today Eltima Software has released free edition of its popular image editor for Mac with batch processing. PhotoBulk Lite is an ultimate watermarking tool, which will protect your image copyright in a matter of seconds.

PhotoBulk Lite

It allows to put a text watermark on any number of images in a single click. With wide range of options you can create a completely unique text logo and set its typeface, color, position, opacity level and angle. There is no limitation to the number of photos you can process at a time.

Try it free from Mac App Store

Whether you are a professional photographer, who cares about his digital rights in the open Internet, or a regular user who doesn’t want his photos to be used by anyone else, PhotoBulk Lite will save you a lot of time.  

In case if text watermark is not enough for you, consider trying full edition of PhotoBulk 2, with even more powerful image editing capabilities: different watermark types (text, image, script, or datestamp), multi-watermarking, batch resizing, optimizing, converting and renaming images. It even allows to manage photos’ metadata, such as removing GPS location or camera info. For more powerful PhotoBulk visit:

Download from Mac App Store

If you have any questions of suggestions regarding PhotoBulk Lite or its full version, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at

Also subscribe to our social networks to stay tuned to the latest news and updates.

Meet our new unique product – HelpWire! Your reliable remote support assistant.

Alex Taylor in Help/Support,System Utilities,The Company/Releases,Uncategorized
13 Nov 2017, 12:59

Eltima Software is out today with a new product aimed at helping troubleshooting experts to directly access customers’ devices and resolve their issues over network.

HelpWire icon

HelpWire is a unique solution that allows providing technical support and diagnostics of devices and machines remotely.
By implementing the technology of remote customer support, you considerably improve the quality of your technical service and gain an undoubted advantage over your competitors!

How does it work?

HelpWire is a versatile solution that lets a technical specialist connect to clients’ USB and serial devices over the Internet. With HelpWire an expert is able to get direct access to malfunctioning machines located in another city or on even another continent while staying in their office.

Are you excited about trying out the new features coming up with HelpWire?


Here is what HelpWire has to offer:

Live End-User Support

The advanced technology provides support specialists with the ability to access remote devices like they were physically connected to the expert’s machine. HelpWire lets log and analyze any USB and COM port device activity in real time.

Cross-platform compatibility

Helpwire is a cross-platform tool available for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. With the solution you’ll be able to mix server-client connections in any combination.

Superfast connections

HelpWire allows you to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible. Just a couple of clicks is required to establish a connection with a remote device.

Custom solution tailored to fit your needs

The advanced solution is designed with a custom GUI and a unique feature set developed to fit your most specific requirements.

Learn more about HelpWire

Airy for Windows is on the Store now

Alex Taylor in Win Software
26 Oct 2017, 09:58

We are extremely pleased to bring Airy to Windows Store too! You can get your copy there now.


Airy for Windows is easy to install and use: once installed it is ready for you to paste a YouTube link and click the “Download” button. You can download the complete YouTube playlists with the same ease and in one go. If needed you can select any resolution for the saved video, and if it happens you don’t actually need the video, but only its soundtrack, Airy can download just the audio file from YouTube.

Airy for Windows can be integrated with your favorite web browser, so whenever you watch a video totally worth downloading, you can make it happen momentarily.

Get it from Microsoft

Virtual Serial Port Driver is the most convient solution for integration into your own software!

Alex Taylor in Case Studies,Serial Port Communication,System Utilities
25 Oct 2017, 11:28

Hello everyone!

Today we would like to share a case study of Berislav Tomasic, a representative of IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije company, who describes how Virtual COM Port Driver by Eltima Software helps his business.

IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije is a system integrator in the SEE Europe specializing in Enterprise Content Management solutions (ECM). The company’s goal is to provide clients with efficient and cost-saving solutions for transforming business processes into digital ones.

IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije

Company’s industry:  IT – Software and Service Company

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Berislav Tomasic: We are a company specializing in digital transformation solutions for data capture and data storage operations. The area where Virtual Serial Port Driver by Eltima fits perfectly is the data capture through virtual serial ports, which enabled implementing multiple scenarios, such as an integration between various devices like COM printers, and provided our customers with the additional features related to virtual serial ports.

Virtual Serial Port Driver can be perfectly applied in the banking sector, specifically capturing an output from the legacy CORE applications. With Virtual Serial Port Driver we were able to capture data sent for physical printing on COM ports, process it in our application and send it to a digital signature screen without the physical output or changes. Thanks to that we managed to avoid any changes in the CORE application. In this way, the documents can be signed electronically and printed physically only on the clients’ request, enabling significant cost savings and process optimizations.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about our software?

Berislav Tomasic: After doing some research about the available solutions for virtual serial ports, we found Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver, and after evaluating the trial version, found it to be the most suitable for integration into our own solutions.

Alex Taylor: Did you try any similar product(s) before finding ours?

Berislav Tomasic: Some searching on the web about the virtual ports did contain some results on different products that we also tried but did not find suiting our particular case.

Alex Taylor: Why did you choose our product over the competitors? What made it stand out for you?

Berislav Tomasic: Other solutions were lacking in either in functionality, stability or offered less appealing pricing options for integrating the virtual ports into the vast variety of our solutions. Eltima had us covered on all our requirements.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using our solution?

Berislav Tomasic: We have chosen Eltima because the software offered had all the required features and had all the expected implementation requirements in terms of API integration and OEM licensing, which was very important for us since virtual serial port technology is an integral part of our digital transformation solutions.

Alex Taylor: Are you happy with our software at this point? Why or why not?

Berislav Tomasic: We are pretty happy with the software so far as it works as advertised, has good documentation and is production-ready.

Alex Taylor: Do you feel our prices are: high – about right – low?

Berislav Tomasic: We believe the prices are fair in terms of value for money and found your Sales Department to be flexible enough to meet individual requirements.

Alex Taylor: Has our customer support system met your needs?

Berislav Tomasic: We currently had sales and implementation question all which were answered promptly by your colleagues.

Learn more about Virtual Serial Port Driver

Download now!