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27 May 2022, 09:10

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Ecotars NFT: A Symbol of Dedication to Protecting the Environment

Alex Taylor in The Company/Releases
09 May 2022, 10:56

In 2022, the NFT market is experiencing explosive growth. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which represent unique assets that exist on a blockchain.

In the world of cryptocurrency, a fungible token is one that can be divided into smaller units or exchanged for other tokens of the same type. For example, Bitcoin is a fungible token because any two BTC are always worth the same amount.

On the other hand, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique and cannot be divided or exchanged for other tokens of the same type. Often called “crypto collectibles”, NFTs are like digital artworks or items that can be collected and traded.

By allowing people to own their digital assets, NFTs open up a world of possibilities. For example, NFTs can help artists protect their music against piracy, illustrators from having their art stolen, gamers from being scammed out of rare items, or even signify an exclusive membership.

According to Reuters, the total value of all NFTs sales worldwide hit $25 billion in 2021. The NFT market’s growth is being driven by a number of factors, which include but are not limited to, the increasing popularity of blockchain games and virtual worlds, the rise of digital art and collectibles, and the growing interest in using NFTs to store real-world assets.

The Rise of NFTs

In 2017, the launch of CryptoPunks changed the way digital ownership was viewed forever. Often referred to as the first NFT collection, the CryptoPunks set consisted of 10,000 unique images in an 8-bit pixel art style. Developed by Larva Labs, the collection inspired the ERC-721 standard that much of today’s NFT market uses. Three years later, a lot of 9 CryptoPunks NFTs were sold for $17 million.

In another historic sale, Beeple’s “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” was the first digital-only artwork sold in a major auction house. On March 2021, the collage of 5000 images, which took 13 years to make, was sold for $69.3 million by Christie’s.

On the other hand, Decentraland takes a different approach with NFTs through virtual real estate. In the form of NFTs, Decentraland is composed of 90,601 parcels of 16 by 16 virtual lands. Once acquired, owners of these parcels of digital land can create games, attend concerts, host events, and so on. 

Similar to land in the physical world, it is also possible to buy and sell land in Decentraland to other investors. A patch of virtual land on Decentraland was purchased for a record $2.4 million worth of cryptocurrency in November 2021.

However, despite its reputation as a way to earn quick money, NFTs also have endless, practical applications, which goes beyond the digital world. For example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the first collections to use NFTs as a symbol for membership in a community. Through an NFT called the Bored Ape Yacht Club Membership Token, holders have access to exclusive events, merchandise, and experiences.

In recent times, developers are only beginning to scratch the surface on NFTs, the technology behind it, and what it can do. However, one incoming project is hoping to use NFTs to literally make the world a better place. This year, the Ecotars NFT collection is set to not only release a set of beautiful art with a rich lore, but also empower environmentally conscious organizations like never before.

Creating a Truly Humane NFT Project

In a joint effort, Electronic Team and NFT Ideas will be launching the Ecotars NFT collection in 2022. This is the first NFT project that will be released by Electronic Team.

With over a million satisfied users across 198 countries, Electronic Team has a long history of successful projects, creating opportunities, and pushing boundaries for businesses worldwide. 

At the helm of Electronic Team is Roman Kropachek, a serial entrepreneur who has successfully launched several companies, such as Cleverfiles, the #1 data recovery software vendor in the United States.

The Ecotars are unlike anything I’ve worked on before. This project is something else – we’re using advanced technology to help nature. Blockchain enthusiasts have enough power and dedication to change the world… We can provide the means, and they’ll make the choices,” says Roman.

Trusted by brands like Intel, Asus, and Bosch, the US-based team has been developing software since 2001. For this reason, Electronic Team has the right expertise necessary to create lasting social impact using technology with the launch of its first NFT collection.

With its team of over 50 developers, Electronic Team saw the potential for NFTs to revolutionize the way that charities are supported worldwide, especially those with the goal of taking care of the environment. 

Building the Ecotars NFT Community

In July 2022, Electronic Team will officially launch the Ecotars NFT collection. Acting as a symbol of dedication to improving the environment, the project’s utility is built around the concept of fundraising and block voting.

Originating from a distant world, the Ecotars were brought to earth by the Electronic Team and NFT Ideas. To help guide humanity to a world without war, disease, poverty, and pollution, the Ecotars travelled the universe using their digital minds. The Ecotars were able to successfully do this by effectively combining both plants and machines.

The Ecotars are biomechanical-looking sapient creatures, which come from four different races. Composed of trees and robotic bodies, an Ecotar uses its live, growing tree as its energy source. Starting as saplings, the Ecotars are assembled as children and evolve to have a stronger shell with time.

Both digital and modular, an Ecotar’s mind can be separated and reconnected. However, this can negatively impact its mind if the fragments are not in sync. For this reason, Ecotars thrive in a high-redundancy blockchain network like Ethereum. While in its digital form, Ecotars can also access the internet beyond human speed and comprehension. 

The Ecotars NFT first collection will include 3,300 algorithmically-generated creatures. With over 300 visual and 500 musical traits, the Ecotars NFT collection will feature more than half a million frames of seamless 3D animation.

The Benefits of Becoming an Ecotarian

After acquiring an Ecotar NFT, members of the Ecotar Club will be called Ecotarians. Serving as a symbol of their commitment to the environment, Ecotarians will join in the Ecotar’s mission of protecting the environment. Lastly, Ecotarians represent the Ecotar’s noble endeavors here on Earth.

With the Ecotars NFT collection, 40% of all proceeds from presale and public mints will be donated to charities. The charities supported by the community will be chosen through voting by its members. Aside from the eco-charity donations after the initial mints, Ecotarians will also have access to whitelist privileges and bundles of free software. 

In the future, Electronic Team is set to release two more distinct collections alongside access to exclusive offline events and experiences. With this, the Ecotars NFT collection is set to make an example of how NFTs can make a positive difference for both their communities and the rest of the world.

Elmedia 8.0 is Out!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,The Company/Releases
23 Jun 2021, 10:57

A major Elmedia release has shipped with much-needed playback options and increased compatibility.

The new version comes fully prepared for new M1 Macs. Innovative, powerful Apple hardware can now run it natively, boasting faster video decoding and transcoding than ever.

It hasn’t been long since Apple released AirPlay 2. Elmedia is hot on the heels, and it’s not just AirPlay 2 that got implemented. Roku compatibility, iPad and iPhone screen mirroring capabilities – yet more features that enhance Elmedia’s range of connectible devices.

The revamped interface, together with brand new playback options, ties it all together. It’s so much better with timeline preview thumbnails, a Picture-in-Picture mode, subtitles search and repositioning, and an audio visualizer.

Best of all – you can try it for free. What are you waiting for?

Download Elmedia Player

We’ve added native Apple Silicon support to Commander One!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,System Utilities,The Company/Releases
25 May 2021, 14:21
Commander One main screen

We never stop improving your favorite file manager. That’s why we have prepared a new update to simplify your workflow. Keep on reading to know more.

One of the greatest news is that from now on you can use Commander One on Apple’s ARM-powered Macs. With the updated version, Commander One became faster and more stable for all operations with files on your Mac. Here you can find improvements, fixes as well as new features that you’ve asked our developers team. We consider all wishes of our users and try to implement them with every single update. So let’s check what it has in this update:


  • native support for Apple’s new M1 chips
  • support for multipart upload on Amazon S3 connections
  • ability to sort connections in Connections Manager


  • work with Backblaze
  • contextual menu for Amazon S3 connections
  • moving files and folders on Amazon S3 connections
  • displaying of filenames in Brief and Thumbs modes
  • creating TAR archives with large files
  • performance and memory usage when copying files from SFTP
  • work with MTP devices
  • work with Finder Extensions (Dropbox, Google Backup and Sync, etc.)
  • creating FTP connections


  • search files by content
  • displaying the names of computers on the network

Thank you for staying with us! We are open to any question or suggestion concerning Commander One and, as always, will appreciate your feedback at And one more thing – don’t forget to subscribe to our social networks to stay tuned to the Commander One latest news.

Download Commander One

New JustStream Version 2.0 Hits the Shelves!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,The Company/Releases
31 Mar 2021, 10:04

Tech world, open wide – here comes JustStream 2.0. As you may already know, JustStream allows you to screencast and stream media files from your Mac to a TV. Quite a compact app, doesn’t get in the way, nice to have on your toolbar. Thanks to your continued feedback and support, we were able to make some great additions.

This major release brings a couple of new features that will definitely improve your user experience.

Did you know that it can be used on the go? That’s right. Usually, we’d be reluctant to use a streaming app while running on battery power. But now that’s our niche! With Apple Silicon (M1) support, video conversion is much lighter on the CPU. That ought to keep your battery charged for longer.

Everyone’s picking up on AirPlay 2, and we’re no exception; JustStream supports this innovative protocol. We always try to make sure that you can connect to anything, anywhere. And now, that includes all the newest devices, credit to AirPlay 2.

Finally, we’ve got news for Roku owners. You’ve guessed it – now your Mac can connect to your Roku TVs as well. It’s not just a streaming device anymore – more like a part of your own home cinema!

On that note, we’d like to wish you well and say our goodbyes. Make sure to give JustStream a try!

Read more about Just Stream

CloudMounter has announced support for Apple’s new M1 chips

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,System Utilities,The Company/Releases
31 Mar 2021, 09:45

Yes, it’s true! We are adding native Apple Silicon support to CloudMounter. Starting from version 3.8 your favorite cloud manager can be used on Apple’s ARM-powered Macs.  

In addition, the latest update brought support for multipart upload on Amazon S3 connections, improvements in overall stability and performance on macOS 11 Big Sur as well as other minor fixes and functionality improvements to guarantee you an effortless work with all your online files and provide you with the best possible cloud management.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us at And as usual, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Download CloudMounter

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Get set for Virtual Serial Port Driver 10 – refined, retooled, and stellar as ever!

Alex Taylor in Serial Port Communication,System Utilities,The Company/Releases,Windows Software
24 Feb 2021, 00:17

The fresh update for the time-tested Virtual Serial Port Driver is already here, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

The new version sure has what it takes to impress: a handful of added top range aids and a state-of-art user interface.

Buckle up and get ready for a takeoff, we’re going to the new orbit of COM-port related developing, debugging, and testing experience.

Virtual Serial Port Driver 10

From this update forward, Virtual Serial Port Driver integrates into Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro, bringing along its best features. So, instead of two similar apps to choose from, you’ll have two license options with different toolsets and respective price tags.

The concise and straightforward Virtual Serial Port Driver interface was freshened up and made even more manageable. How is that possible? Well, get this newest update, and you’ll be able to tell the difference right off the hop.

And here comes the icing on the cake: the brand-new loopback feature you can use to create full-fledged virtual COM-port bundles with linked signal lines and each receiver channel directly connected to a transmitting channel. This advanced tool makes the COM-port testing process much simpler. You won’t have to factor the band rate or any other line stats into your calculation. Just send out data with different parameters and see what you’ll get at the output.

Learn more about Virtual Serial Port Driver

Download now

If you’re a Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee owner, you’ll get this update right away. Also, anyone who purchased their license within the Grace Period (24/01/21 – 24/02/21) can request their free update via email.

Commander One 3.0 – an enhanced version of your favorite file manager

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,System Utilities,The Company/Releases
09 Feb 2021, 14:44
Commander One interface screen

Hey guys! We are excited to announce our brand new update for Commander One. Since the last major update, our development team spent the entire year tuning your favorite file manager, to be the slickest, more convenient, and even more powerful. We consider all wishes of our users and are happy that with time the number of active users is constantly increasing.

Version 3.0 has a lot to offer its users: support for the latest macOS Big Sur, new standards, enhanced performance and stability at all levels of working with data, completely reworked and improved work with major cloud computing services and remote servers, optimization, various bug fixes, support for more cloud storages and way more. So let’s check what it has in this update:


  • support for macOS 16 Big Sur;
  • compatibility with macFUSE 4;
  • an option to use path-style addressing to access S3 connections.


  • overall performance and stability on macOS 11;
  • work with Google Drive;
  • work with Dropbox;
  • work with pCloud;
  • work with Amazon S3.


  • issues with connecting to some FTP servers;
  • an issue with Google Team Drive displaying with drive names written in some languages;
  • an issue with the unpacking of 7z archives with a password;
  • an issue with creating of ZIP archives with a password.

Many thanks to all our users who helped us making Commander One a perfect file manager. As usual, we are open to any question or suggestion concerning the app. Your feedback at is highly appreciated.

Download Commander One v3

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Virtual Serial Port Driver solves serial communication challenges in legacy apps

Alex Taylor in Case Studies,Serial Port Communication,Windows Software
10 Dec 2020, 15:42

We’re delighted to share a case study of Shyam Katta, Development Manager at Amadeus IT Group SA. Find out how Virtual Serial Port Driver has helped Amadeus to solve the serial communication challenges that they’ve had with their legacy application. 


Company industry: Travel and Transportation

Amadeus is one of the top ten travel technology companies in the world. They develop critical solutions that help airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, and improve the travel experience for billions of people every year. 

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Shyam Katta: When using legacy applications, we faced a few serial communication challenges and were looking for a robust solution.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about our software?

Shyam Katta: We had previous experience with Virtual Serial Port Driver that we used to fix a similar problem with another legacy application in the past.

Alex Taylor: Did you try any similar product(s) before coming across ours?

Shyam Katta: Yes, we experimented with similar products.

Alex Taylor: Why did you choose our product over competitors? What made it stand out for you?

Shyam Katta: Virtual Serial Port Driver is exactly what we were looking for. It is a very stable product, relatively simple to use, and incredibly functional.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using our solution?

Shyam Katta: We simplified the solution that required serial communication and thus significantly improved business processes.

Alex Taylor: Are you happy with our software at this point? Why or why not?

Shyam Katta: Absolutely. I appreciate the numerous advantages Virtual Serial Port Driver offers, such as stable performance and ease of use.

Alex Taylor: Do you feel our prices are: high – about right – low?

Shyam Katta: I’d say it’s about right.

Alex Taylor: Has our customer support system met your needs?

Shyam Katta: Yes, I would like to thank Victor and Bogdan for their excellent support. 

Looking forward to working with Eltima on enhancements and upgrades of Virtual Serial Port Driver.

Learn more about Virtual Serial Port Driver

Download now!


Enhanced Data Transfer Speed for USB 3.0 Drives in USB Network Gate 9.1

Alex Taylor in Remote access,Uncategorized
12 Oct 2020, 12:28

improved performance for shared USB 3.0 drives

According to our internal data, a good chunk of USB Network Gate users regularly shares USB drives over the network.

If you are one of those people, then you will love the update to follow!

Moreover, since it is a “minor” update, you can enjoy it right away, and it is free for all current users of USB Network Gate 9.0.

Learn more about USB Network Gate

Download USB Network Gate

With USB Network Gate 9.1 we have achieved significant success with improving the data transfer rate of USB 3.0 storage devices.

In our tests, we have achieved a whooping x4 increase in speed on the same network when copying data from USB drives, and x2 – when writing files to USB drives.

Required conditions:
– A USB drive is connected to a USB 3.0 port.
– Server OS: Windows 7 and above, Windows Server 2008R2 and above*.
– Client OS: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016/2019.
– When using USB device isolation, the data transfer speed will not be increased even if the conditions above are met.

*Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 servers might not display improved performance with certain USB controllers.

You can view the full changelog here.