Flash Newbie Creates Memoralization of Family Meetings Using FD

Vic in Case Studies
20 Dec 2006, 15:43

Izzy experienced problems with corrupted files, but thanks to our software managed to present a beautiful family movie.

industry: home graphic output

Using FD in Нome Graphic Output

Personal Background: Izzy La Boy is a newbie to Flash technology. His first big challange was to put all the pictures from a family reunion into a little movie of memories. This is where he started using Flash Decompiler and is now getting more and more advanced in Flash.

Victoria Veligodsky: Why did you start looking for this kind of software?

Izzy La Boy: On 12/2004 I requested and received pictures from a family reunion. I have been unable to go to any family gatherings in years. So, I wanted the pictures to make a “movie like” memoralization. I used Flashback, I believe, to put them in a file format which I could go back and update it with little effort, thus with the use of a compiler… That is when some of the files became corrupted.

Victoria Veligodsky: How did you look and where did you find this product by Eltima Software?

Izzy La Boy: I searched the Internet for help, but just as I was giving up, I came across Eltima Flash Decompiler

Victoria Veligodsky: Izzy, did you try using products of other software producers for the same task? What made you prefer Flash Decompiler?

Izzy La Boy: Yes, I tried using some other products to fix my files but didn’t like them at all. They did not offered the user-friendly interface that Eltima Flash Decompiler offers; their documentation was not very good either. And I figured out how to work with Flash Decompiler straight away. Not to mention all the functions that the software offers.

Victoria Veligodsky: How are you using our product now and what for?

Izzy La Boy: I am using the Software tools to catch, view, decompile and extract Shockwave Flash movies (.swf and .exe files). Now I have the ability to export the whole movie in FLA format. Also it can extract several elements from a Flash movie. Thanks to your awesome software, I was able to broaden my horizons. Family and friends requested copies of what I have done. I could do something I could share with them!

Victoria Veligodsky: What benefits did you get from using Flash Decompiler?

Izzy La Boy: Do you want to keep your flash files clean and working perfectly, ALWAYS? Then Eltima Flash Decompiler it’s definitely the leading software for you. After using it, I was able to see the pictures, text, sound, etc. of the corrupted file. Highly recommend it!

Victoria Veligodsky: Thank you Izzy for your agreement to take part in our case studies and for all provided materials.

Izzy La Boy: It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for such a great product!