Jon Explores Eltima Market and Discovers Serial Port Monitor

Vic in Case Studies
20 Dec 2006, 12:55

Having tried Virtual Serial Port Driver XP Jon explains why he chose another product by Eltima to ease his work.

industry: electronic systems development

Using Virtual Serial Port Driver XP in Electronic Systems Development

Company Profile: CustomWare develops electronic systems and software for a wide range of applications. Their experience ranges from simple electronic circuits to complex embedded systems, from small utility software to database applications.

Victoria Veligodsky: What were your main challenges which made you searching for this kind of software?

Jon Kinne: I was evaluating a navigation program for sailing and was having trouble knowing if and when the program was attaching and releasing the serial ports. I needed a way to know the time sequence for the IRP’s, and be able to clearly see the data I needed without it being masked by the large volume of data overall.

Victoria Veligodsky: Jon, how did you first know about the product by Eltima Software?

Jon Kinne: I had been using the Virtual Serial Port Driver from Eltima, and saw Serial Port Monitor listed on the website.

Victoria Veligodsky: Did you try using other products for the same task before choosing Eltima solution? What made you prefer our product?

Jon Kinne: I downloaded the HHD Free Serial Port Monitor, but found several reasons why I think the Eltima Monitor is superior. First, the Eltima monitor allows me to filter the data, so that I can look at, for instance, only the times that a port was opened or closed, without that data being hidden in a large mass of other data. Second, with the Eltima Serial Port Monitor, I can start the monitoring process even if the port is already open. And third, the Eltima monitor allows me to open and close ports manually from within the program.

Victoria Veligodsky: How are you using our product now? What are you using it for?

Jon Kinne: I have several data streams coming into the navigation program on various serial ports: simulated (or real) GPS data is fed by GPSgate to one port, wind information from NMEA Talker to another and information from the multiplexer to still another port. When a conflict occurs I can look at Serial Port Monitor, filter the data, and see which port is causing the problem.

Victoria Veligodsky: How did you actually benefit from using Serial Port Monitor?

Jon Kinne: Without the Serial Port Monitor from Eltima, I would not have been able to easily and quickly see the operation of the several serial ports carrying data to the navigation program; the filtering ability of the Eltima product makes that process quick and efficient, saving me valuable time in diagnosing the problem.

Victoria Veligodsky: Thanks Jon for your continued interest in our products and your help with Case Studies.

Jon Kinne: You are welcome, Victoria. As I said, it’s a pleasure to work with you.