A Couple of Great News for Eltima Mobile Solutions Users

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18 Jul 2007, 17:18

Virtual Serial Port Driver MobileGreat news for advanced users of handhelds, pocket PC and smartphones!

Some days ago, we updated both Virtual Serial Port Driver and Serial Splitter for Windows Mobile systems. Since now Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile and Serial Splitter Mobile fully support all the following platforms: Windows CE 3/4/5/6; Windows Mobile SmartPhone 2003/2005/2006; Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/2005/2006 – and are now delivered, downloaded and integrated as a single package.

VSPD Mobile 4.0 now features greatly enhanced emulation core and totally new registration algorithm.

Serial Splitter Mobile

So now we have merged two lines of our products for Windows CE and Windows Mobile into one, and so, you won’t see CE affix in our titles anymore.

As for Serial Splitter Mobile 3.0, we have added ports bundles unique Eltima technology, which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtual or real serial ports at the other one, as well as join multiple serial ports into one. More other useful features have been added to Serial Splitter Mobile, just go ahead and give it a quick try!

Interested in advancing your device? Then try out our solutions for free! The download is just 2-3 minutes, and with a simple ActiveSync installation, you are ready to tap your first buttons.

Free download of Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile

Free download of Serial Splitter Mobile

  • Hey thanks for this! I have found this driver very useful on my HTC!