How To: Capture Flash Files From The Web

Helen White in Multimedia/Flash Software,Tips & Hints
28 Sep 2007, 16:09

Today’s how-to is aimed to show you the way you can get SWF files from websites with great ease using Flash Decompiler’s SWF Capture tool.

SWF Capture Tool embeds into both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers so there are two ways to download and save an SWF file.

Get SWF files from websites

  • In case you use Internet Explorer…

1. When you open the page with Flash you’ll see this SWF Capture Tool Button button and after clicking it “Save Flash Movie” window will appear. You can preview the movie within this window and take a snapshot.

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2. To save the file(s) click on “Save selected” or “Save all” button. Then specify the folder to place the SWF file there.

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3. You can also click on “Decompile” button and it will launch Flash Decompiler with the SWF file added to “My tasks” so you can decompile it right away.

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  • In case you use Firefox…

1. You can save Flash directly from a web page by clicking “Tools” and choosing “Save Flash Movie” option or just pressing a hotkey Alt+X or right-click this SWF Capture Tool button icon in the down right corner.

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2. Within “Save Flash Movie in Firefox” window you can save selected movie, save all movies or decompile a movie. If you choose “Save selected” or “Save all” button you’ll need to specify destination folder.

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3. If you press “Decompile” button Flash Decompiler will be launched with selected file in “My tasks” list.

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Download Flash Decompiler Trillix here or you can buy this tool right now!

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