Hey, Early Birds, Be the First to Get Folx PRO at Half-Price!

Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software
13 Oct 2009, 14:20

Be the first to get Folx PRO!Good news for all Folx fans! Folx was in beta stage for some time and finally, we’re glad to announce, that Folx (not Beta version) will be officially released in the nearest future!

Folx will be offered in two editions – Free and PRO. With PRO version you can search for torrents directly from Folx app, so no need to browse through various torrent trackers one by one, and download speed will be automatically managed by Folx cool option – Smart Speed Adjustment. PRO version will be distributed for fair $19.95.

But while Folx is still in Beta, all of you can get Folx PRO Beta for free. In order to get Folx PRO Beta for free, just send us an e-mail with “Folx PRO free registration license” in subject line to support@eltima.com and get registration info in return. Please note, that this key will be valid only until the official release of Folx. BTW, we highly appreciate your comments on Beta version. So, the most active testers with informative bug reports will get the free upgrade to permanent Folx PRO license.

And starting from today, Eltima announces Folx pre-order campaign!

You have a great opportunity to get this handy download manager for Mac at half-price! Pre-order Folx PRO today for $9.95 only! Order Folx PRO now and save 50% of its after-release $19.95 price!

Download Folx        Read more about Folx        Pre-order Folx PRO

Note: offer valid until the official release of Folx.

Note*: As Folx has been released on March 9th, 2010, pre-order campaign and pre-order price are no longer valid. And starting from the release date we stop sending free licenses for Folx PRO Beta.

Image credit: nicksflickpicks.com