4 of 5 from Layers – Well Done Flash Decompiler!

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,Multimedia/Flash Software
18 Feb 2010, 13:41

If you are interested in Adobe, Photoshop or Flash, I bet, you have definitely heard of Layers Magazine. Layers is a well known “How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe” which covers the most interesting Adobe and Flash stuff. January/February Layers issue brings you as usual lots of interesting reviews and articles along with the Trillix 4 for Mac review.

Flash Decompiler in Layers

Cyndy Cashman, the editor of the Layers, has kindly agreed to test Flash Decompiler for Mac. Several quotes from her review are highlighted below.

“Flash Decompiler Trillix v4 by Eltima is an inexpensive tool for converting SWF files into editable Flash files or extracting elements such as images, sounds, videos, and fonts. Additionally, Flash Decompiler converts SWF files created in Flex back to their source code.”

It’s a tool that can save you significant time if you ever need to edit a SWF file and you no longer have the original Flash document

“When you open a SWF in Decompiler you can start, stop, and scrub through the animation. Context panels allow you to examine each frame’s content and provide detailed information of all of the elements within the SWF.”

“Decompiler does a good job converting SWF files containing animation and basic ActionScript. Usually, you need to do very little tweaking to replicate the original movie. Conversion is surprisingly quick.”

Converting a SWF file to a Flash document or extracting elements is as simple as clicking the correspondent button

“This latest release is available for both Mac and Windows. Windows users are able to make minor edits to Flash objects, such as images, texts, hyperlinks, sounds, colors, and lines within Decompiler. Mac users must first convert the SWF into a Flash file to edit the objects. The Windows version also includes plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox that allow you to capture SWF movies from the Internet.”

If you’re an editor of any software related magazine or running software related website, you’re more than welcome to review our products. Just contact me for getting review copies of our software. And thanks Cyndy Cashman for testing our software and good words about Flash Decompiler! :)

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