Flash Decompiler “Takes Impossible and Instantly Makes It Possible”

Alex Taylor in Case Studies,Mac Software,Multimedia/Flash Software
04 Feb 2010, 12:13

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Mark Rydqusit, a web designer, explains how he benefits from using Flash Decompiler by Eltima in his daily work.

industry: Music and Internet

Using Flash Decompiler in designing websites

Mark Rydqusit is involved in various projects on the Internet from designing websites to most other online applications. Most of his online work is based around his own online business and he is a very hands on person preferring to do the work himself where ever possible, but he likes also to keep the learning curve as low as possible due to the many things he is doing at any one time. He has a broad range of hands on knowledge about the Internet and what can be achieved but he is totally self taught so would never like to be known as a professional. He is always looking to the fastest way to achieve the best results with the least amount of knowledge or learning but still with professional results and he has always managed to do that using good software rather than hard coding or expensive out sourcing of the work.

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for the software of this kind?

Mark Rydqusit: Adobe Flash is not the easiest program to make complex things quickly and I have found many fast solutions from other applications that can create fast and professional flash banners and websites, but there are some shot falls using these quick banner making programs, as many don’t give you all the original FLA files in case you need to do more or change things to the banner that the program can not do and I needed the master FLA files (with the ActionScript intact) to work with.
Needed a way to decompile the SWF with all the ActionScript so that I could use a different application with more features to enhance the banners more and that’s where Eltima’s program came to the rescue. With Flash Decompiler Trillix, it’s just a click away from a FLA master file. It’s like magic as the SWF combination and scripts are unlocked and all the original parts return to a master format allowing me to instantly get back to being creative and artistic rather than scratching my head in worry over how it’s all going to be possible. This program takes the impossible and instantly makes it possible and my workflow is not hampered.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about Flash Decompiler by Eltima Software?

Mark Rydqusit: At first I was in a panic about not being able to do anything with a SWF file but I also asked some friends which clarified that it was a no-brainer to use Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac. I downloaded Flash Decompiler Trillix demo just to make sure and was left in disbelief when in front of my eyes it took away all my worries and did exactly what it said on the virtual box!

Alex Taylor: Did you try other products for the same task before choosing Eltima solution? Why did you prefer our product?

Mark Rydqusit: There were a few I found during my searches but most were “win doze” and not Mac and when I looked at them they just did not have the reviews and polish of Flash Decompiler Trillix and being a Mac user why do I want to run a PC program if I don’t need to but I would have tested them if I had not found your program but I’m confident I have the best as there really can not be anything else if I’m getting the whole FLA.

Alex Taylor: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Mark Rydqusit: I’m not really a pro Flash programmer and I prefer to use the fast track programs that do things quickly but their limitation mean I need to decompile their output so I can continue working on other programs to get my final result I’m using banners making programs and web animations programs mostly drag and drop but very effective end each program will do specific jobs easy for me but they only output SWF files. That’s where Flash Decompiler Trillix comes in as the link I need to transfer files from one program to the next without loss of anything including the scripts.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using Eltima solution?

Mark Rydqusit: It’s unimaginable to not have this product now as I could not work without it. It’s a Flash designers essential item defiantly the top 5. I no longer worry about my FLA master getting lost. I can always decompile a SWF. The value in this product is amazing! It its one of those applications that stays with you on many different jobs I use it a lot.

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