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Alex Taylor in Free Software,Mac Software
22 Apr 2010, 10:27


The presence of your software on Lifehacker means that: a) your application is really great; b) it will be seen by thousands of people and c) the article, which describes your software, can be reposted by hundreds of websites! And Folx IS PRESENT on Lifehacker!

Sounds like “WOW” : ) Actually, “WOW” we thought (and said) when we found an article about Folx on Lifehacker! 10034 users were interested in Folx and the number of views increases each day (this fact pleases us a lot).

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading Lifehacker, reviewing Folx

“Folx has most of the features you’ve come to expect from something like Transmission, but it also has a lot of less advanced (but very convenient) features built-in.”

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“Folx also contains a number of ways to add torrents to the download list – instead of having to do everything manually, you can just double-click the link to any torrent file in your browser and Folx will automatically download the torrent and add it to your download queue. This is especially useful for browsers that don’t support auto-opening of downloaded files, or web sites that don’t contain magnet links.”

“What’s especially awesome about Folx is that it acts as a download manager for your browser, too—just like adding torrents, all you need to do is double-click on any link in your browser and Folx will start downloading the linked file using all of the aforementioned settings, like file organizing.”

“Folx also splits your direct downloads into threads, allowing them to download faster—plus, if a download fails, you can resume it at a later time. It’s a really nice way to manage all your downloads (torrents and non-torrents alike) and increase your download speed at the same time.”

You can read the full article about Folx on Lifehacker here. Thanks Whitson Gordon for covering Folx on Lifehacker!

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  • I have a MacBook Pro OS X ver 10.7.2

    I try to download Folx on Safari and it cuts out to the “Report/Reopen” cue.

    Please advise.

  • @ Yigal –

    Hi and thanks for commenting. We are very sorry about the inconveniences you have encountered with our software.
    In order to investigate this issue more detailed please send some additional information to address:

    1) If Folx crashes constantly describe the exact sequence of your actions so we could reproduce the problem on our side.

    2) Please send us Console log when this issue occurs.
    To get the Console log please do the following:
    – Open the Console app that’s inside the Utilities folder.
    – Click the “Clear Display” button to remove all existing messages.
    – Start Folx and reproduce the problem.
    – Once the problem occurs click the “File” menu item and “Save a Copy As…” item under it. You will be prompted for a file name and an output folder. Save the file to the “Desktop” or to the “Documents” folder.
    – Email the log file you’ve just saved to

    3) Send us Folx Crash Report that you receive.

    Thank you in advance.