“Couldn’t Find any Download Manager That Gets Even Close to Folx Pro”

Alex Taylor in Case Studies,Free Software,Mac Software
08 Apr 2010, 13:38


This case study explains how Rimon Shaul from Australia benefits from using Folx in his daily life and describes features, which are important to Rimon.

industry: pensioner

Rimon Shaul is a disabled pensioner. He spends most of his time indoor and uses his computer to communicate with relatives and friends, watching videos on YouTube and live broadcast to know what’s going on in the world, so, it is obvious that Internet is extremely important to him.

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for the software of this kind?

Rimon Shaul: I needed to download as many as 150 MP3s in one web page but doing so manually one by one was a tedious job, so I looked around and couldn’t find better than Folx Pro, it did the job so easy I couldn’t be happier, plus the schedule download feature mentioned below.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about Folx by Eltima Software?

Rimon Shaul: I’ve been googling for download manager for Mac and found Folx. Moreover, I’ve been one of beta testers and its features (even in beta) impressed me a lot.

Alex Taylor: Did you try other products for the same task before choosing Eltima solution? Why did you prefer our product?

Rimon Shaul: Nope, I couldn’t find any download manager for Mac that gets even close to Folx Pro. There were several other downloaders, but Folx offers more features in which I’m interested.

Alex Taylor: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Rimon Shaul: As I said before, I have been beta tester of Folx Pro. Now I’m using free version so I can describe only usage of Folx Free features. I can easily download any files I need at max speed and what I also like – is possibility to download torrent files. Once I click the download button, Folx automatically grabs the file and downloads it, what is very convenient btw. While testing PRO version, I liked scheduling option and smart speed adjustment and I really want these options back :)

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using Eltima solution?

Rimon Shaul: I benefit a lot. Folx combines plenty of useful features. It not just “downloader” it offers additional options which make downloading process convenient and fast – speed control (which I will enjoy in PRO version), possibility to split downloads in threads, auto-resuming option and so on.
Here in Australia internet service providers limit the download to two quotas: peak and off peak time quota, the latter starts at very late time (mine at 2AM) so I couldn’t make use of it, but with Folx Pro I will be able to schedule files to be downloaded at off peak time using schedule download feature in Folx Pro.
So, I can say for sure, that Folx Pro will save me a lot of time and money as exceeding peak time quota costs money.

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