Flash Decompiler for Mac Was Reviewed by MacTech Kool Tools

Alex Taylor in Mac Software,Multimedia/Flash Software
17 Jun 2010, 09:20

Today we are happy to let you know that Flash Decompiler for Mac was recently covered in MacTech Magazine, one of the most authoritative Mac magazines. We’d like to appreciate editors, who participated in Flash Decompiler testing and prepared this article!


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“If you’re a Flash designer, the US$79.95 Flash Decompiler Trillix from Eltima is a tool you’ll want to add to your collection of utilities. It’s a SWF to FLA converter designed to help users decompile Flash movies and convert SWF elements into multiple formats. Flash Decompiler Trillix is also handy for web programmers, web designers or even end users who deal with lots of Flash files.”

“Version 4.0 introduced Flex files support, a renovated design and advanced functionality. This means you can convert any SWF file back into its FLA or Flex source code. Normally, once your artwork is converted to a SWF file you can’t edit it in Adobe Flash any more. To be able to make changes to SWF you have to have its original source code. SWF Decompiler Trillix for Mac OS allows you to extract all resources from SWF and save them in FLA file or Flex source file — which ARE editable.”

Flash Decompiler in MacTech

“In other words, you can extract all SWF objects from the file (images, sounds, videos, shapes, morphs, fonts, texts, sprites, etc.) and save them in various formats. If you forget the password to your SWF file, Flash Decompiler Trillix bypasses this protection mechanism while decompiling SWF file resources. Once you’ve converted it to FLA you can set new protection in your favorite Flash editor. Of course, keep in mind that some SWF files may be copyrighted.”

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